Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Uraling in Alaska - Day 44: Confirmed for the Ferry

Finally got my confirmation from, the site I used to book the Haines-Bellingham Ferry Ride.  Quite the "manual" process it seems, I recommend you use the Alaska website might be faster in terms of confirmations.

Here's the itinerary:

Haines to Bellingham, M/V Columbia
Check In: May 27 2315 hrs
Depart: May 28 0115 hrs
Arrive May 31 0800 hrs

I leave for Haines, AK this Sunday, it's about 750 miles from Wasilla where I am currently presuming on the hospitality of Bob and Sharon P.

The plan is to attend the sidecarist gathering planned for Memorial Day Weekend, but just for the day on Saturday, I've no plans to camp as Wasilla is so close by (about 75 miles).  Bob and Sharon will ride Bob's GS/Dauntless Sidecar Rig and I of course will be on Valencia.

My ferry is the M/V Columbia, info on her here:  LINK

M/V Columbia
source: M/V Columbia FB page

Kind of looking forward to the ferry portion of the trip, new experience for me and the scenery is supposed to be top notch along the way.


SonjaM said...

Aside from the having to stay put while being transported part the ferry ride will be spectacular. Awesome vistas, and maybe some whales, dolphins and other wildlife can be spotted.

Unknown said...


I took the BC Ferries Inside Passage from Port Hardy (North Vancouver Island) to Prince Rupert. I sat outside nearly the whole 16 hours and watch the scenery. The ferry also stopped their engines when we saw dolphins and whales.

Your experience should be the same as long as the weather holds

You should be able to relax a bit and not worry about riding

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, I am told the scenery should be spectacular. I am looking forward to this new experience.

Bobskoot, not so much worrying about the rig anymore...there's just not much more of AK I need to see, my next big goal is the pacific highway....

RichardM said...

Took the ferry once from Prince Rupert to Haines and that was enough for me. I may take it again with a bicycle but not again with a vehicle. You can't really get off/on at all of the stops and some of the stops were in the middle of the night.

How far were you planning on going on Sunday?

redlegsrides said...


Unsure, probably as far as Tok anyways, maybe Destruction Bay?

Unknown said...


Glad to read that the ignition is holding up for you. Looks like you're gonna be back in CO way before your 3 month time limit is up. If you're still itchin to ride at that point I am leaving for a 2 week Ural ride to NY, then Quebec and Ontario CA. Come ride along. Cheers, Dan K.

redlegsrides said...

Dan K, I think I'll pass on your invite to ride to'll write about it on your blog?