Thursday, May 02, 2013

Uraling in Alaska - Day 23: Dinner with Sandy and Bob K.

Last night, I had been invited by one of the Fairbanks Airhead riders over to his home for dinner.  I arrived shortly after 6:00PM and was warmly greeted by Bob who then proceeded to show me around his immaculate garage/workshop.

Truly was I experiencing workshop envy, such clean working areas, everything in its place and lots of tools and toys to be had.  The crowning piece is Bob's R100RT, with the limited edition fairing paint job and personal touches that mark the motorcycle as his own:

 I've seen motorcycles on display in museums which were less clean
thank Bob K's RT, truly a beautifully maintained motorcycle!

 The unique touches I mentioned before, check out the chrome covers
on the motorcycle's BING carburetors.  

 Bob also owns a Ducati, and favors Ducati Red, can you tell?

The spotless dashboard on Bob K's RT, just like it had just come
out of the showroom right?  Well, his RT is over 30 years old!

Tour of the garage over with, I was then warmly greeted by Sandy, Bob's wife and led into the main portions of the house.  Dinner was delicious stuffed peppers with home-made dressing on salad.  A very wonderful meal with new friends, lively conversation and getting to know each other as we ate.

Sandy works as a CSR: Customer Service Representative for Alaska Airlines and Bob retired as a career Alaska State Trooper, and also directed security for the Alaska Pipeline after his retirement.

The evening flew by and soon, it was time for me to head back to RichardM's house before things got dark.

 Sandy and Bob K.
Wonderful hosts!  Thank you very much!

 The sun was low in the sky as I rode home, and I stopped by the 
University of Alaska, Fairbanks...near the building where RichardM
works get these sunset pictures.

Check out that vertical rainbow, never seen one like that before.


Unknown said...


that is a beautiful RT, too nice to ride. What a nice garage, I wished I had one of those

You're going to find it very hard to leave all of your new friends

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

I get garage envy, too (I don't have one...). His looks so clean, like it had never been worked in.
Looks like you had some good company and fun too, Dom.

Martha said...

Hmmm...I see a project in your future when you return to the homestead. :) Yep, I am THAT wife that would approve giving up my plans for new floors in the house, for a garage floor that sparkly and shiny! (if you look in the picture-dictionary under supportive-enabler, my photo is featured prominently).

Wifey killing time here in da windy city

redlegsrides said...

Bobskoot, it was an awesome garage....I've really found some good friends here in Fairbanks.

SonjaM, with me, it was more garage-lust. Bob works on his stuff though, he gets referred work from the Beemer dealer when older bikes come in with carburetion issues!

Dearest Martha, don't tease me! Why are you killing time? Nancy's not there yet?

BeemerGirl said...

Bob's RT is gorgeous and immaculate!! Wow.

Looks like a great evening.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I doubt my RT has EVER been that clean.......I wouldn't even know where to start now....