Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uraling in Alaska - Day 43: A New Tire from Mick

I rode down to Anchorage URAL this morning to Mick's place, aka Mickey's Muffler Shop.  As I've mentioned before, he does the URAL dealership work in his "spare time" while the muffler shop he owns and runs pays the bill.  As you can imagine, he's quite busy.

I first tried the BMW motorcycle shop Mick told me had four Heidenau K37 tires in storage for him under a business agreement.  I got to the shop but all the help in the parts department gave me blank looks.  Finally got the attention of the manager who knew of the arrangement and off he went to fetch me a tire.

You can imagine my disappointment when he returned empty handed!  It seems, he'd ordered eight of the K37 tires back in February and he was still waiting on Heidenau or whomever his tire source is, to send them along with the rest of this tire order!  Sigh.

I went to Mick's place to relate this tale of woe.

Mick said: "No worries!", I've got this DURO HF308 leftover from last year.  The DURO being better than nothing, I agreed to buy it.  Mick then proceeded to use my tire spoons to remove the worn tire from my spare wheel, making it look really easy by the way.

He then spooned the new-ish tire onto the wheel, and although he said it took him longer than usual, he still made it look easy and was done much faster than I would have been!  No pictures, I just helped where I could and watched in awe as a master worked his magic.

The cost was significantly lower than expected due to it being a tire from last year and having sat outside in the Winter.  Mick stated he was trying to "help me out" as I was in traveling status.  What great support eh?

I now have enough new rubber to get me to Haines, AK via the Cassiar Highway once again.  I have ordered three new Heidenau K37 tires and having them shipped to my friend Jerry's house in Everett, WA.  I'll find a place to put them all on for me before I start heading back to Colorado.

I am awaiting confirmation from the Alaska Marine Highway System that my booking for 28MAY13 is complete.  If so, I'll be catching the ferry out of Haines, AK this coming Tuesday and arriving in Bellingham, WA on the 31st o/a 8:00 AM.  If this booking falls through, everything will get pushed by a week.

My thanks to Mickey of Anchorage URAL, excellent service and customer support!

Oh, and as to Valencia's performance today, she ran excellent.  The day was sunny and turned quite warm later on.  Still hoping for a rainy day but it's not looking good for that any time soon.


Unknown said...


I am saddened that you have to come back to finish your trip. Plus you won't get to ride the Icefield Parkway, nor the Kananaskis in Alberta


this highway is only open a few months a year and travels over the highest maintained highway in Canada

It would be a double shame if the problem was the Powerarc ignition

anyway you are safe and now have lots of friends in AK

Riding the Wet Coast

Unknown said...

FYI - Haines is not on the Cassiar Hwy. The Cassiar turnoff is after Whitehorse. The Haines turnoff is 154 kilometers before Whitehorse. Hopefully that helps. Also, the road from Tok to Destruction Bay was unbelievably bad 2 years ago on my trip. It ate up my trailer tires like nothing I've ever seen. The only nice part of that road is the there miles on the Alaska side of the border so as to make the Canadiens think all our roads are like that. Be patient, drive slow, save tires. See you in Talkeetna.

redlegsrides said...

Bob, it is what it is....its not so much mechanical concerns, I am just ready to head home. Major objectives in Alaska done, met great people, seen great things....

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Daniel, re the route, I confuse easily. :)

And yeah, the road between the US customs point east of TOK and Destruction Bay is bad. I will definitely be going slow.

SonjaM said...

Don't pray for rain... the scenery is so much nicer when the sun is out. You've made tons of friends in Alaska. Isn't that what a journey should be about? Safe riding on your continued trip.

Gary France said...

You certainly have met great people and seen great things. I am not at all surprised it is time to head south, back to where there are more people and less snow. I wish you well with the next part of your journey.

RichardM said...

"back to where there are more people and less snow."

Is that a good thing? Well maybe the less snow part. I still can't believe the short tire life.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, the rain is needed to confirm fix is working re ignition issues.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Gary, am looking forward to the ferry trip.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, re the short tire life, you can imagine my disappointment