Monday, November 24, 2008

An Oil Change and Pretty Sunset for Brigitta

It was in the low 30s heading into work today on Brigitta, a bit more "brisk" than I like. The gear did ok, except for the tip of my right thumb. Oh well. I took Brigitta in to work since I wanted to fill up her tank as I'd neglected to fill it yesterday afternoon after my ride and I wanted to prevent condensation of water within the tank.

After work, I got home in temps that were in the low 50s to high 40s by the end. Good riding weather. It was time to change out the oil, but not the filter, on Brigitta and so it was done using the Spectro Golden #4 10W40 oil recommended by Snowbum's Site. The filter is good for another 5K miles I read so I am going with his experience/recommendations.

Afterwards, I took Brigitta out for a short test ride to check for leaks at the oil drain plug. None are apparent, I'll check again in the morning.

Since I was out at around 1630, I saw the sun was setting and found myself at the "Plains Conservation Center" and posing Brigitta for a sunset shot. I shot my pictures with different aperture and shutter settings, this is the best I could come up with:

Hope you like it, I must research how to take sunset pictures, and bring a tripod next time!

Maintenance Note: Brigitta's oil changed/filter kept at 66,777 miles.

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Unknown said...

Great sunset. You do live in a land that screams take pictures of me.