Friday, November 21, 2008

Motorcycle Simulators

On 19NOV08, I had an opportunity to ride in a Boeing 777 Flight Simulator with a college buddy of mine who was in town for a business conference. A pretty awesome experience I have to say. The movement of the simulator along all three axis and graphic screens from within an authentic replica of a 777's pilot cockpit were outstanding.

The simulator we rode was owned by United Airlines but here's a similar one

We both got chances to do takeoffs and landings at various airports which were programmed into the simulator. The wind shear scenarios proved quite unsurvivable by us "pilots" though. Even the ones which were apparently "survivable". I managed to somehow flip a 777 over onto its back while only at 50ft in the air. I was not encouraged to find out that Denver International Airport, which is what I fly out of is known as Wind Shear Capital. Joy.

So, on the way back to his hotel, I wondered aloud if there was any simulators out there for motorcycles that would even come close to equalling the incredibly realistic simulations of the 777 simulator. Its so realistic that flight time logged on these simulators counts the same as time on real aircraft according to the FAA!

I did some googling and found a couple of simulators, that's besides the expected crappy motorcycle racing arcade games one sees at such establishments.

Honda has apparently come out with one to try and emulate somewhat the rider experience.

Full article here: LINK

I gotta tell ya, the above really does nothing for me after today's flight simulator ride!

I little more searching however, got me this:

Now this shows promise, looks like movement on all three axis is designed for and the larger screens should work to fool the brain into thinking one is actually riding on a motorcycle. The fact they used a Beemer probably means the system is hideously expensive of course! : ) More details here: LINK

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