Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bound for TX and OK

So here's the plan for this weekend, a quick jaunt down to Amarillo, TX which adds that state to the list of states I've ridden in, then see the Cadillac and VW Bug Ranches which lie West and East respectively of Amarillo on I-40.

After, depending on the time of day, find a place to overnight probably in the town of Perrytown, TX or vicinities thereof.

Sunday, time to get back home, riding through Oklahoma's panhandle to add that state the the "ridden-in" list.

I am avoiding the superslabs as you may have noticed. Less than 600 miles to home from where I plan to overnight. Some interestingly named towns along the way, such as Liberal and Hooker, might be interesting to see them in actuality. We'll see how this plan/itinerary works out, you know how things change as one travels.

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Unknown said...

Who wouldn't want to spend the night in Hooker! One night I stayed over night in the city of Intercourse, PA.