Sunday, November 09, 2008

Air Filter Renewal

I finished buttoning up Maria this morning prior to taking the boys out to see the movie "Madagascar 2", the movie was OK. Nothing to write home about but nice computer effects.

One thing remaining to do was to clean off and replenish the K&N Air Filter on Maria. You're supposed to do it every 6K miles or so I believe, but since I change out the oil every 3K miles I also do this maintenance chore.

and this is why one has an air filter, I guess I need to check it more often than every 3k miles!

It's a bit time consuming, cleaning, drying then oiling the K&N filter but since the regular paper filters are $18 a pop from the dealer....and the oil renewal kit is only $11 and lasts about three rotations.....

The only painful part of putting the gas tank back on is the pain on your fingertips as you try and get the stupid "quick disconnects" to reconnect. Note that they're not called quick re-connects! The problem is compounded in that I know the damn things are delicate, being plastic and all, and there's only so much force one can use before something breask.

Luckily, I managed to do it without breaking anything, including my fingers. The rest of the job of securing the gas tank, the glove box and the tupperware went without any issues.

Before the tupperware went on though, I took Maria out for a short ride to ensure the brakes were fine even though I was not getting any warning lights on the rider display unit. The ride was fine though I am sure my neighbors wondered if I'd bought a new motorcycle since Maria looks quite different without tupperware.

Photo from her 54K mile service back in April '98 LINK

Not much riding today, got the boys to look after since my loving wife is only tonight returning from a trip to Texas; where she attended some scrap-booking convention. She deserves the break from us boys, specially since she lets me ride pretty much as much as I want on the weekends.


Doug C said...

Charlie - That's some really good info about the economics of air filters and the renewal kit.

My Lady is due for a plug and filter replacement (her first and about 3,000 miles over due) and I am tired of paying the high prices the dealer charges.

Never realized Maria had 54K miles. I bet she turned a few heads moving down the street without the bodywork.

It sounds like you have found the perfect woman, letting you tour on weekends. Taking care of that special find is important.

redlegsrides said...


yeah, expendable items as they're known in the military, can get expensive....the K&N filter has worked well for me, some guys hate them, some love them....kind of like what oil brand to use...

replacing plugs and filters, easy stuff. the money you save can go to more gas for riding!