Friday, November 07, 2008

Flushing Brigitta's Disc Brakes

This afternoon I took 30 minutes to perform the annual brake fluid flush on Brigitta, my 1987 R80. Her last major service, which should have included a brakes flush was October of last year so she was due. Either ways, now I have a good baseline.

I took the opportunity to swap out the stock bleeder valves with ones from Speedbleeder. I love these things, they truly make a two man messy job into an easy one man job with little to no mess.

Note the color of new brake fluid in the reservoir

A Closeup above of the new speedbleeder valve

A simple job, went for a short ride around the block and tried some hard stops from up to 40mph. Brigitta stopped just fine, no leaks where the new speedbleeder valves were installed and I had her rear drum brake as backup!

Half a 8oz bottle went into each brake circuit, one for the left and one for the right. The old fluid came out clear and I added new until I saw no bubbles....

Good to go! Maria's next.


Derek said...

Those Speedbleeders are remarkable little gadgets.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Based solely on the inspiration provided by this post, I went out into the garage and made a list of the little maintenance projects I wanted to complete on Fireballs, a 1995 BMW K75.

Then I got out all the tools. Then I poured myself a rum and coke. Then I called the mechanic and drank until he got here.

By the way, some time back you mentioned watching "Streets of Fire." Diane lane is so hot in that movie. Rick Moranis's lines are so feeble. And the star never went anyplace. I have been looking for the soundtrack so I can download the last number.

Fondest regards
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads