Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surefire, definite signs that Spring is here in the Rockies

Temperatures ranging from 40s to mid 70s! Started overcast, ended sunny and warm.

A nice warm spring day here in the Front Range of the Rockies.

I noted the increasing number of motorcycles in the two motorcycle parking lots at work and thought if anything denotes the true arrival of Spring; its the motorcycles coming out of storage and actually being ridden to work by their riders!

The above Vespa has been ridden in even with snow on the roads,
and its got the scars to prove it

Maria, now with some companions at work

When I arrive home after a very pleasant ride from work, I was surprised to see that the neighbor across the street from me had actually gone riding on his motorcycle. I don't think I've seen that poor machine go out but once since this past October! Now that, I remember thinking to myself, is a sign that Spring is definitely here!

Yep, the neighbor's motorcycle is NOT in the garage!

My other neighbor's motorcycle came home from storage today as well!

Yep, Spring is officially here in my neighborhood. Of course, there's a slight chance of snow in the morning for Thursday but hey, that's Spring in Colorado for you! : )


Conchscooter said...

scooter yes, Vespa? Never...

Charlie6 said...

you mean they're not all Vespas?

I'm kidding! : )

I went by it this morning, it's got Schwinn on the side....