Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An April's Fool Ride to Work

Here we are at the beginning of April here in Colorado, so of course we had snow last evening.

Luckily for me, the snow did not stick and was gone by this morning. The temperatures were in the mid teens to low 20s though which made for a "brisk" ride in to work today. No worries though, my handgrip covers and heated grips kept me warm enough.

The thermometer I'd added to Maria months ago played an April's Fool trick on me though as I rode in to work. I was glancing at it as I rode as part of my instrument scans and for about a minute or so it read between -50 to -46 degrees farenheit!

Well that got my attention! Then it just displayed "LO" for about another minute. Finally it quit playing tricks and displayed temperatures in the low 20s for the rest of the ride. That was more like the broadcasted temperatures, I found all this a bit amusing as I "chilled" on the rest of my ride into work.

Update: Looks like one of the more popular online BMW dealers is getting in on the April Fool's Day spirit: LINK


irondad said...

I probably missed it if you posted it. What kind of thermometer did you install on Maria? Wouldn't that have been neat, picture, though? The thermometer showing -50 degrees with your helmet in the mirror?

Conchscooter said...

Total crack up. I'd buy a BMW from the guy (in French, dammit)just because...oh and I liked the tunnel picture (not in the bridge thread I was suprised to note) on ADV rider.

Charlie6 said...

irondad, the thermometer is just one of those cheap models sold at auto parts stores. it has a remote sensor. Yes, it would have been good pic but the error did not last long.

I can take a picture of it if u wish.

Charlie6 said...



Conchscooter said...

1) I enjoyed the BMW dealer's April Fool's, a dealer with that sort of a sense of humor deserves to sell motorcycles.
2) I enjoyed a previous thread which included a tunnel picture which I suggested you post on ADVrider- in the bridge thread because I am a doofus.I subsequently observed it i the appropriate tunnel thread and it looked just as good.