Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Overpants Zippers and Google

I wear, as part of ATGATT, a pair of Joe Rocket Alter Ego motorcycle overpants. Got them shortly after I bought my 2006 Honda Shadow Aero motorcycle back in the summer of 2006.

They've rendered dependable service, never been roadrash tested which to me is a good thing, and though a bit short on the inseam, have proven to be a good product.

That is, until recently when my right pant leg zipper started to give me grief in the form of the zipper sometimes failing to join the two sides together reliably. This would sometimes find me going up and down on the zipper several times in several spots trying to get the teeth to align and hold.

Months before, I'd paid $40 to the local tailor to replace the left side pant leg zipper due to its presenting same issues. Well, it turns out that was money thrown away.

On a whim, I turned to google this morning after getting to work and put in the term "fixing zippers". As usual, a lot of hits came up, but one in particular solved the issues I was having with the right pants leg zipper. LINK.

Photos from Ace Leather Goods

After following the instructions, the zipper aligns and joins the teeth just fine, no issue after repeated operations. So now, hopefully I can continue using these overpants till my motoport kevlar overpants show up at the end of the month; at which point these will become my backup pair.

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AtlasRider said...

The "zipper puller thingy" on my boot came off on time. I tried the pliers method to get the zipper back on but I couldn't for the life of me. So I took it into a tailor, he put the zipper back on, and gave my boots a good cleaning (I don't think I cleaned them for 15,000 miles eek!). I pick up my boots later, and try them on and as I try and zipper them up, BAM! the zipper teeth on the boot tear in a place that requires me to replace the whole zipper. $50 bucks later my boots were back in working order :/