Saturday, April 26, 2008

Riding North of DIA

Temperatures from low to high 40s, sunny and a bit windy.

Located NE of the Denver Metro area in a parcel of land which is quite extensive (I've heard it said it's so large it's got its own two distinct weather zones) is the Denver International Airport or DIA as its commonly known around here.

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Today's ride destination was a maintenance hangar/facility owned by United Airlines. I'd found out about it months ago when I went with a coworker to pick up a piece of equipment there for use within the datacenter near the old Stapleton airport where I work for United as a contractor.

You take Tower Road all the way to where it junctions with 96th Avenue and you take 96th heading East for quite a few miles. 96th becomes 114th Avenue and its pavement ends at Trussville Street. I turned right on Trussville to get closer to what looked like a burned out aircraft sitting in a fenced area. It looks like they use it to practice fire fighting techniques perhaps?

Nearby was a medium sized fuel tank farm, with six large fuel tanks inside their own fence enclosure. I did not take a picture of it, not very exciting subject you know? However, when I googled the site for a satellite view of the area I rode around in, I spotted the tank farm and it looked like a domino. So here you go:

I arrived at the Hangar/Maintenance Facility and turned around to head back to town. I was basically North of the northernmost end of DIA's 16L-34R runway. At least, that's what the sign said that I spotted on my way out of the area.

I had spotted these unmoving oil derricks on the way in and stopped at the closest one to the road to take these pictures. The dirt road to get close to it was a bit rough but doable. I worried more about the sandy soil around the rig itself, but no issues.

I headed back into town by taking Tower Road southbound, not much to report about this part of the ride, just city riding, took care of a shopping chore and then headed home. Less than 85 miles of riding today, the weather should be a bit warmer tomorrow, might hit 60 degrees!

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