Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maria's 54K Mile Service

15-19 April 08

I worked in Maria's main 54,000 mile service tasks over a period of four days. No way to do it all in one day and not rush it. At least, not for me and the methodical and careful (mostly) way that I do the services.

I changed out her oil, oil filter and cleaned and recharged her K&N Air Filter on Tuesday the 15th's evening after work. Easy tasks, no problem.

On Wednesday the 16th, I changed out both her transmission and final drive's oil, again no problems, even easier tasks than changing out the oil. Just have to be careful measuring out the new oil and not making a mess by careful use of old cookie pans and aluminum foil. I hate the smell of 80w90 Hypoid Gear Oil too, but that's whats called for in the manual.

Today, Saturday the 19, I finished off the remaining major tasks. I put in new spark plugs, did a valve clearance check and a throttle body sync afterwards. Oh, I also replaced both shocks with OEM big deal in terms of difficulty, just time-intensive since this was the first time I'd done that and I did not want to mess it up.

Somehow, I ended up with what's called a rubber donut, #3 in the diagram below, wedged in the right side valve assembly! I could account for two old donuts and two new donuts so the only thing I can figure is that it had been there since the last time I did a valve clearance check which was about 6000 miles ago! Holy crap!

Had the dickens of a time getting the TBS of throttle body sync right, but finally got the manometer to report steady vacuum draws on both throttle bodies. Could not get them lined up even though, and left them about an inch apart at idle and at 4000 rpm. Engine runs pretty smooth at idle (1050 rpm +/- 50). The idle is a bit lower than before the service, will have to observe it over next few days. Maria did fine in the two test rides I did today, a total of almost 60 miles or so. Very windy towards evening, they even closed the Cherry Creek Dam Road! Update: They'd closed it for maintenance, not high winds I later found out.

Using the Manometer I built

Here's a picture of Maria, sans fairings. I guess you could say she's naked. : ) This was at the grocery store parking lot where I got some stuff for the wife at the end of the first test ride. The second test ride later in the evening had Maria wearing all her fairings.

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