Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Temps in the very low 30s, icy and light snow. 50% chance of snow for tonight.

The picture below depicts the wishful thinking that was running through my head as I cleared the driveway of about an inch and half of fallen snow this morning. I had gone ahead and also cleared a path out of the culdesac but it's not looking good.

It's quite overcast as I type this and though the radar looks clear, I don't think the sun will come out in force today and so there shall be no melting. Bummer. I guess I'll be taking the cage to work today.

1000hrs Update

The sun came out as hoped for and it did its usual great job of melting away the snow off the roads if not the grassy areas. Check it out:

It's looking like a riding day after all! I fly out on business tonight, the debate now is whether I leave Maria out in a cold parking lot overnight or "warm" in the garage, leaving the cage out in the cold parking lot at work.

1 comment:

Martha said...

Your children had a different wishful thought when they saw that first picture. Glad that YOUR wish came true and not theirs (they were hoping for a snow day).