Saturday, November 24, 2007

Test ride after Clutch Bleed

I left the house shortly after 1230, the sun had come out in force as usual after a snow storm and had melted off almost all the snow from the roads and grassy areas. Temps were in the high 30s to low 40s and felt almost balmy.

I took Maria out for a ride to make sure her clutch worked just fine after yesterday's bleeding of the clutch circuit. I am happy to report no issues, she shifted just fine or rather, the same as before the maintenance.

Since I was just wandering around, I headed over to Quincy Road the the Plains Conservation Center located there at the intersection with Picadilly Rd. I'd see the old pioneer houses and such from afar on my daily commutes and this time I actually went into the center to get a closer look.

Although you see some remaining snow in the picture, the roads were bone dry by 1330 hrs or so. I did some errands, bought some miscellaneous stuff, and headed home where I finally got around to rigging an overhead light for times when I am working on Maria with the garage door closed due to weather. Much better now.

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