Thursday, November 22, 2007

Review: Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

On the longer rides, I sometimes would wear some wired sound-isolating earbuds with speakers built-in for music or ebooks from my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet which has an MP3 player.

The sound isolation kept the wind/engine noise down to an acceptable and safe for my hearing level and I did not have to turn up the volume on the music too loud to be able to hear it and still be able to hear things around me as I rode.

However, it was a wired system and I had to rig a quick-disconnect or risk yanking the dang earbuds from my ears while I still had my helmet on while dismounting the motorcycle! Not good.

One day, I saw these on and for $20 it seemed like a good trial. You can apparently buy them from walmart, though not online, see link below pic.

It's got a bluetooth transmitter box (tiny) which I hooked up to the output jack on my Amplirider Amp inside my BigMak tankbag. Both the transmitter and receiver use rechargeable batteries and I've gone over 8 hrs on one charge with no issues or fading of power.

The receiver earbuds work fine in city driving where the wind noise is not great. On highway speeds though, I found I had to crank the volume way up and probably contribute to hearing loss.

So I cut off the stock ends and spliced in my sound-isolating earbuds which I'd used before this bluetooth gadget came into my life. A couple of trial and error attempts later, since I suck at splicing apparently, I got it working reliably with the N800's MP3.

Wonderful sound quality when couple with sound-isolation earbuds. Not having to disconnect from the amp when dismounting is great stuff. I can even go about 20ft from the motorcycle, still be hearing music while taking pictures when stopped! : )

Highly recommended, if you're lucky you can get them for a reasonable price and they work well for me.

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