Friday, November 30, 2007

A Lesson in not getting getting cocky about commuting in cold weather

The temperatures during my morning commute were between 18-20 degrees, gusty winds and sunny. It was cold.

I even stopped shortly after I left the house and put on the ATV grip covers over my heated grips which were then turned on high for the rest of the ride to work.

I was sitting at a light on Colfax Avenue, thinking to myself how nice and warm my hands were feeling in spite of the bitter cold when this other motorcycle rider pulls up to the light two lanes from me. He's the only other rider I saw on the way to work this morning.

He was riding a cruiser-type motorcycle with no windshield and NO fairings as opposed to my full-fairing motorcycle with its adjustable windshield in the full up position. He was dressed warmly and wearing a helmet. I could see his gloved hands on his grips so no grip covers like I was using. No way to tell of course from a distance if his grips were heated or not.

It was a gentle reminder to me that riders with much LESS wind protection than me on their motorcycles are out there braving the cold and riding! I'm guessing perhaps he could have electrics on but still, no fairings or windshield!

Windchill for the ride in: -4 Farenheit. My riding gear did fine as usual, I would have been wearing my electric vest on a longer ride but not for commuting.


irondad said...

Just found your blog. Thought I'd say howdy. See you have a link to my blog on your site. Thanks.

Long distance rider, huh? A rider after my own heart!

Charlie6 said...

Hello Irondad/Dan....hope you liked the blog. Yours is a daily read for me. Good stuff.