Sunday, August 12, 2007

A short but satisfying Ride in the Foothills

Inspired to get off my lazy butt by the rider mentioned in the previous posting, I went off riding shortly after 0930 or so. The weather was sunny and warm, I think the thermometer on my bike registered 101.5 at the highest point in warmth.

I took the usual back ways from my house towards Parker via Inspiration Drive, once I was near the southern city limits I took Stroh Rd to Crowfoot Parkway and cruised through part of Castle Rock along Founders Parkway. From there it was a short hop to Mooseberger Road with its nice sweepers to CO 105. Headed North from there on CO 105, waving at the occasional rider going the other way towards Monument and points beyond.

I arrived near Sedalia and joined the queue of vehicles stopped south of the rail lines in the town. A long coal train was making its way through town. Where I stopped I had a good view of a fake deer which I'd seen before on my ways to and from Sedalia:

At the time, I remember thinking to myself: "How nice and artistic of whomever put this up for passerby traffic to enjoy". It was only later that the thought occured to me that perhaps the reason this fake deer was placed where it is was to get rider's attention in the dark hours and slow them down when they thought it was an actual deer near the side of the street! Notice the reflector on a post next to it, that'd catch your eye....then the's natual inclination would be to at least let off the accelerator/throttle if not to start braking! Ya gotta wonder.

I headed NW out of Sedalia, now on US85 heading towards and taking the Titan Parkway exit which led me south of Chatfield Reservoir Park, Waterton Canyon area, and got on CO 121 N towards C-470.

I broke off heading west on Deer Creek Canyon Rd just before C-470 and Wadsworth. This is a favorite road of mine and today it was perfect riding conditions but a bit crowded with byciclists and slow cages pulling trailers. Oh well, it was still fun to ride the twisty curves.

At the end of Deer Creek, one finds himself at Fenders where a fire station is located. I took Turkey Creek Road North, winding my way past Tiny Town and getting onto US285 North back towards the city.

Before I got on the C470 slab to head home, I made a turnaround to get near Morrison's "The Fort" restaurant. It's a place to get unusual cuisine plus your standard fares. I've never eaten there but it's apparently one of the "must see" tourist spots in the area. I just know it's situated in a scenic location worth of some pictures:

The subsequent riding home on the 470 slabs was unremarkable and incident free, just the way I like it. I was searching for a road that sort of hugs the foothills to the west of the slab which I'd spotted before and at the time thought to search for but then forgot. I did not spot it this time as I made my way southwards, it must be located north of Morrison. Oh well, I'll find it some other day, on some other ride.

114 miles today, so yes a short ride, got home just after the Noon hour. A very nice ride, Maria performed great as always. I noticed a certain binding when downshifting, but only sometimes. I'll have to watch that. Perhaps I'll check the transmission fluid level anwyays.

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