Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My new Tire Plugger Kit

As you can read from my previous post, the stock BMW tire repair kit that came with the motorcycle proved to be, lacking, and that's putting it mildly.

I asked my local guru of BMW motorcycling, Mike, what kit he was carrying around since he'd recently published his experiences using it in "practice" mode in the comforts of his garage, using an old tire he had.

He made a great posting with lots of pics, another one of the discussion boards I tend to frequent and glean great information from. Here's the link.

I plan to practice using my new Stop-N-Go Tubeless Tire Repair Kit this coming weekend, using the tire that was punctured and replaced yesterday. Here's a pic from their website:

I picked up Maria from the dealer a little after 0900 in the morning. Apparently they'd been able to swap out the tires yesterday afternoon, I should have stayed and waited but they were uncertain if they could deliver at that time. Oh well.

Rode her to work using Parker Road to get to Quebec Rd and from there it's a straight shot north to 35th Avenue and the United Airlines Flight Training Center where I am contracting to help build a new datacenter for them.

It was a hot ride home this afternoon, the thermometer on my bike was reading 102 degrees! I was wishing I'd thought to pack the cooling vest, specially since I had a couple of errands to stop for while in stop and go traffic!

Tonight I must update my maintenance records, the rear tire was swapped out at 37,657. The front should be coming due for replacement around 39-40K miles. The rear, assuming no more punctures, will be due sometime around 47K I think.

11AUG07 Update: Tried the new tire plugger repair kit on my old punctured tire this morning. Piece of cake! No way to actually test it's air retention of course but am confident it'll hold air better than the POS stock kit from BMW.

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