Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Lesson Reinforced about crossing intersections with multiple left turn lanes

Today was the second time this week where I had an idiot cager make a left turn and swing wide into my lane as I was making a left turn concurrently. In both cases, I was watching them closely and sure enough, both idiots swung right in front of me, causing me to brake to avoid being hit.

I am now convinced that when given the option of two left turn lanes, side by side, at an intersection; and you want to make a left, that it's safer to take the leftmost left turn lane to make your turn.

If you use the rightmost left-turn lane, chances are pretty good it seems, that the idiot cager on the leftmost left-turn lane will swing wide and into YOUR lane as you're executing a turn.

Having sat at the stoplight NEXT to the idiot cager means nothing, loud horn blowing means nothing, modulating headlight means nothing. These idiots are oblivious and think they own both left turning lanes.


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