Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My First Flat Tire!

Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later with all the riding I do. I am pleased and fortunate that it happened as it did and not out in the middle of nowhere but during today's commute to work.

I picked up a sheet metal screw on my rear tire, it was wedged in one of the grooves and slowly leaking air. I don't remember the motorcycle handling funny as I rode to work this morning but there you go.

I went out during lunch intending to ride around the neighborhood around my new workplace. As I rode out of the parking lot, I thought the motorcycle was handling a bit weird, kinda like being on jello if you can imagine that. She also felt kind of low when I pushed her off her centerstand but thought nothing of it.

Sure, if I'd done TCLOCS like you're supposed to before every ride, I would have caught the flat tire perhaps. But then again, she WAS on the centerstand, rear tire in the air as usual so I would not have noticed it being flat would I? I know, no excuse, an inspection even a cursory one would have revealed the damn screw sticking out as it was. See below.

So I exit the parking lot and stop at a light, look at the front tire, looks ok; look back towards the rear tire, and there it was, flat. Damn.

Rolled to nearest parking lot, slowly, and attempted to use the stock bmw tire repair kit. What a piece of crap it was.

Shot this with camera phone, sorry for the quality but you can see where it was.

Went through all three provided patching rubber pieces, no go on air retention in the end. The first one broke going in, second one didn't break but would not go in, then tore. I enlarged the hole and the third went in but would not hold air pressure! Arrrgghhh. The three CO2 capsules, got the tire inflated but not fully, the air leaking out did not help of course.

So, even though I had a small 12 volt air pump, and repair kit issued by BMW, still ended up calling Progressive Insurance who got me a tow truck under their coverage.

The silver lining to this dark cloud was that the guy who shows up was in a Mercedes Benz Van, specializes in motorcycle transport for just such situations. He was there less than one hour after I'd called Progressive, got the motorcycle up the built-in ramp no problems, secured it nicely and gave me a ride to BMW of Denver. The mechanic at the dealer will hopefully be changing out the tire first thing in the morning I am told.

So no harm, no foul. Flat tires happen, I am lucky it happened at slow speeds, tow truck readily available and I had coverage through the insurance company. My first one and hopefully it's a very long time before the next one. I now must research a better to use and more effective tire repair kit for the time when a tow truck is nowhere near.

Moral of the story, be prepared and when that fails, always carry a cellphone to call the tow truck. : )


Anonymous said...

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Charlie6 said...

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