Friday, August 24, 2007

Riding by the Stapleton Airport Control Tower

Back in the day, when Stapleton Airport was the main airport for Denver, and aircraft runways crossed Interstate 70, the control tower for the airport was a landmark of sorts for the locals.

Apparently, back then, the sight of an airliner crossing the bridge on the overpass spanning the I-70 Slab used to regularly cause accidents as people's attention was drawn to the plane instead of paying attention to what was in front of them on the slab.

The tower still stands as you can see, though decommissioned, as was the airport. The land around it is being developed into housing/business/public area communities. I just started a contract with United Airlines and their IT department. This department is located near the old Stapleton Airport, hence the picture of the tower. I see this tower every day now as I commute back and forth on back roads to/from work.

I've been working there since 31JUL and ridden in every workday rain or shine. Mostly, it's been sunny and HOT! The typical Colorado summer afternoon thunderstorms usually happen around 430PM onwards so I have so far made it home with only the occasional sprinking of raindrops. Lots of lightning sightings sometimes though, one afternoon I counted over 22 lightning strikes far off to the East on the plains as I rode home.

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