Monday, September 20, 2021

A ride to view the Gunnison Gorge Eagle Rock Shelter Petroglyphs

 A pretty good sunrise today, with a few clouds reflecting the rising sun and some rays as well.

Spent the morning doing some light maintenance and RV related chores.  After lunch, Rich K. rode to my campsite and we spent some time perusing maps he'd brought, planning tomorrow's riding.

Then, we got on our dual sports and criss-crossed the Eagle Rock Shelter area, exploring trails where we found them, and just simply enjoying the riding on pretty easy dirt trails.  Rich mentioned the petroglyphs were worth the short but steep hiking so after he went home, I returned to the site to check it out.

Yep, a bit steep on the way down towards the rock shelter where the petroglyphs were found; but not too bad.  Coming back up was another story, had to stop and rest once to catch my breath.

Here's views of the rock shelter, the signs are sun-faded and basically unreadable in terms of the description of the petroglyphs themselves.

Here's the ones I managed to find, there were pretty hard to see/spot.  I zoomed in on the ones I found and then boosted the contrast heavily to make the petroglyphs/pictographs? stand out more.

The petroglyphs have been dated to be almost13,000 years old!  Here's a link to a pretty good writeup in a Rock Art Blog.

I returned to camp and got a pic of the nearby mountain peaks:

Mount Lamborn on the left and Landsend Peak on the right.

Stay tuned, more riding tomorrow, on trails I've not been on yet, trails that should provide a view into the Gunnison Gorge Wilderness if I can hack it on the trails.


SonjaM said...

Thanks for this lovely sunrise, Dom. It never gets old.

I am amazed how detailed and well preserved the petroglyphs are. Quite fascinating, that the people knew the art of graffiti before the word even existed ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Hah, SonjaM....I wonder if the peoples whose members left these petroglyphs and pictographs did regard them as graffiti? :)