Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Sunnier weather is here, a recce of future riding spots

 Didn't do much driving/riding on Monday, it was still a bit cool though the sun was out more often than not.  I spent most of it puttering around and replacing the torn rubber cover on the Evil Twin Sticks shifter setup on the Samurai.

Took photos of the sticks themselves where they enter the cylinder which mates to the top of the Samurai's transfer case.  That's how I determined they're the Evil Twin model, not the Gemini Twin model for which a dust cover exists.  In the case of the Evil Twin Sticks, one has to use a rubber glove to craft a cover to keep water and dust out of the transfer case!  

The spot on the transfer case is where overage of gear oil also comes out!  That's how I discovered the rubber material covering said mating point on Monday, big spot of gear oil on the ground!  I think, water got in while splashing in the puddles and it burped out afterwards.

Anyways, drained the contaminated fluid out (it looked like OD Green paint) and put fresh fluid in.

Tuesday, May 25

The sunny weather continues, with a few more clouds throughout the day but not too many.  It felt warm when the sun shone through!  I drove the Samurai out to US Highway 285 and turned south for perhaps a mile to get to the exit to more forest trails on the east side of the highway.

I wandered about familiar roads (I'd ridden these before on a previous stay in the area), making sure they were available for riding probably on Thursday/Friday this week.  I'm being joined by two neighborhood friends: Bob W. and Jim M. and they're bringing their dual sport motorcycles!

Here's some of the scenery from the east side of the highway and along some of the forest roads I drove in the Samurai today:

The Sangre de Cristo Range

Mount Ouray

Note to self, try and not shoot into the sun....post-processing is required and it never looks quite right:

Another shot of Mount Ouray from higher up


Blaze Our Way said...

Yay! More adventure! I hope the roads stay dry for 2 wheeled fun!

redlegsrides said...

Me too!