Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Driving the Sammy with Chris and Lori of Blazeourway

 This morning, while the sun was out and before the skies clouded over with predicted afternoon rain clouds, we had a chance to do some driving with the '87 Suzuki Samurai.  We explored some muddy forest trails, checked out some nice views, and played in water.  Fun was had by all!

The campsite looks better in bright sunshine eh?

First up was Chris.  He rode passenger as I drove to show him a forest trail which was a favorite of mine during the Fall season when the Aspen trees turn color.

We went further up the trail than I had before using the T-Dub, finally being stopped by a fallen tree.  We would be at 9844 feet in altitude at this point.

Retracing our route, we then wandered closer to US285 to pose the Sammy with the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the background:

photo courtesy of Chris Z.

Heading back to the campsite, a picture of Mount Ouray:

Once back, it was Lori's turn to be the passenger and we set out once more to drive (a bit faster this time) pretty much the same route as before.  There was much enjoyment and more comfort experienced as I had taken Chris' suggestion and aired down the tires to 15 psi.  "Mo Better"

photo courtesy of Chris Z.

I drove to the small campsite located by a running creek and we got pics and video:

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

video courtesy of Lori Z.

Sorry about the jerkiness of the video at first part of the movie, some artifact produced either by the slo-mo function on Lori's iphone or how Windows' Movie Maker handles such effects.

Made it back to the campsite with no issues except that Mariko is bit mud-covered now:


RichardM said...

“Stopped by a tree”. Time for a chainsaw.

CCjon said...

Thanks for the pix and story. A fun time for all.

Blaze Our Way said...

Thanks for showing us your favorite stomping grounds. That area is so beautiful and I could spend days there exploring all the roads and things to photograph. Next time I'm bringing the gimbal, though! I think you were having a little "too much" fun taking some of those undulances at high speeds for me. :)

Blaze Our Way said...

PS. Mariko is a BLAST! Especially in the mud. :)

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, you are right about the chainsaw but it would have required the biggest one available commercially to cut it!

Thanks CCjon for commenting.

Lori.... Not sure you need that fancy gimbal device, you hold the camera quite steady. You and Chris are most welcome, come see us anytime!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Enjoyed the video! As always, lovely images of the adventure.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Coop for the feedback.