Monday, May 17, 2021

Boondocking near Poncha Pass with Blazeourway's Lori and Chris

Saturday, May 15

Here's a video of the campfire we enjoyed Saturday night, we didn't do any riding, just hung out at the campsite, all four of us.

video courtesy of Lori Z.

Here's some sunset shots as well from Saturday night:

photo courtesy Lori Z.

photo courtesy Lori Z.

In an earlier video, here's what Uma the VRRV looks like while towing the Sammy:

video courtesy of Lori Z.

 Sunday, May 17, we displaced from the Penrose Common Use BLM campsite and made our way to Cañon City.  Chris and Lori secured supplies and I drove ahead to secure a campsite at a BLM/Forest Service camping area south of Poncha Pass, CO.  Martha returned to our home in Centennial and the joys of her career.

pic by Lori Z. of the weather we would face the next few days

I got to the camping area without issues under darkening skies and found a new spot for us to camp in.  My favorite spot in this area has been designated for "Official Use Only" so it wasn't available to me.  I basically had the area to myself, I expect more folks will show up to camp as the Memorial Day Weekend approaches!

Here's the pic I sent to Lori and Chris from my phone as they made their way to me from Cañon City, about an hour or so behind me.  It was to prepare them to brace for the "dismal view" from our campsite.

There's a lot of evidence of recent tree cutting/clearing operations.  I think the Forest Service is having contractors cut down and clear away the pine trees killed by the Pine Beetle infestation that has plagued Colorado these last few years.

Monday, May 17

Still under gray skies and the prospect of cold afternoon rain storms, Chris and I set out in the Sammy to explore some of the trails nearby.  The Sammy did great in the rough sections though I did manage to back her into a tree while turning around on one trail!  No major damage, the spare tire basically pushed into the flimsy tailgate metal.

A view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range

See the two little white dots in the distance?
That's our campsite.

The forecasted rains and winds showed up mid-afternoon as I typed this post.  Supposed to get into the 30s the next couple of nights so the heaters will be fired up for sure in our rigs!


RichardM said...

The area still looks pretty nice. What do you think the “Official Use” is?

redlegsrides said...

Not sure RichardM, saw no other changes.....

Blaze Our Way said...

Yeah...the views are definite above-par at this location. I'm not sure how people can stand this! In the afternoon I got to sit for a bit and take some time lapse shots of the storm coming into the valley. Gorgeous!!! I am intrigued by the shot of Sammy with the rigs in the far background. I can't see that mtn behind us from the campsite. Awesome! Yeah, I would definitely camp here anytime. So peaceful.

redlegsrides said...

Lori....the Sammy awaits you for some local driving....a bit muddy today but....

CCjon said...

Even when the weather turns sore it's beautiful country. 30's at night eh? Any snow in that forecast? What elevation are you?

redlegsrides said...

We saw some fat rain today but that's it no snow yet.... Low I've only 35 tonight so probably no snow overnight.

I believe we are at 9500 ft.

SonjaM said...

Boon docking, campfire, spectacular skies and friends. Perfect ingredients for adventure. I wish I was there...

redlegsrides said...

You and Roland would have had much fun SonjaM....I'm sure such a gathering is in our collective futures. Thanks for commenting.