Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Sunset on the Front Range

Been back home since Thursday, getting chores done, helping #1 son practice for his Network+ Certification Test, and just doing minor fix work on the URRV and associated gear.

It's been really warm here on the Front Range, to the point any riding I do is either early morning or late evening.

Such as tonight's short ride to the usual sunset viewing spot.  It's become quite popular, this spot, I counted about 13 cagers in the immediate area.  Cagers that I would end up having to edit out of sunset pictures but I guess their increasing presence is just something I have to learn to deal with.  The infestation of the Metro Denver Cesspool continues, seemingly unabated or affected by the pandemic.

I probably won't go out camping again until after the Fourth of July Weekend's annual frenzied activities and desperate camping by folks who still have to work for a living.  The idiots with their illegal fireworks have already been disturbing the evening quiet, steadily building up to the frenzy of illegal fireworks on the Fourth.


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Sounds like the fireworks are a national urban problem; I'm looking forward to enjoying some civic lights and noise the evening of the Holiday and that will suffice.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed, Coop, indeed.

I used to enjoy fireworks, now, not so much. Crowded conditions don't help my attitude I'm sure.

CCjon said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to set up your camera near a reflecting pool and capture the fireworks in the sky and the water...?
with a great sunset as a backdrop of course...?

Am sheltering in place here in Houston for a few weeks. Need to wrench on the Rocket Beast.

redlegsrides said...

Over the last few years, CCjon, the ever increasing population and from that the increased amount of morons who like to shoot into the air around here during fireworks has caused us to stay home.

redlegsrides said...

And I am a strong Second Amendment supporter, it’s sad when I see or in this case hear such morons with access to guns.

SonjaM said...

We get the odd occurrence where some young folks fire shots at wedding parties, which is strictly forbidden, never mind that guns are pretty much illegal anyway in our neck of the woods. I find it highly disturbing shooting guns for celebration purposes.

Spectacular sunset, Dom, even if you had to deal with crowds. I understand that it can get quite irritating when you revisit places you had once all for yourself.

Happy 4th of July anyway, my friend.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM for your comments, I find it highly irritating when morons ignore the basics of gun safety or how gravity works on bullets flying up into the sky. I was surprised that it happens at same German weddings though....never would have thought that possible, given the laws there and I guess my belief on the law abiding qualities of most Germans. Oh well, such is life isn’t it.