Monday, December 23, 2019

Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

December 22, 2019

Now dry camping in the Aguirre Spring Campground, part of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument.  I'd stayed here before, a year and three weeks ago.

I had planned on repeating my stay at the BLM site near Holloman Lake but it's now been officially closed due to contaminated water in the lake apparently.  Bummer, it was a great spot to boondock to be near the White Sands National Monument.

Last time, I managed to completely miss seeing the main attraction for which this particular national monument is named, the Desert Peaks and Dripping Springs.

After setting up camp in the same spot as before, I headed out on Fiona to make up for the above mistake from last year.

I followed google maps directions to Dripping Springs and was rewarded with views of nice rock formations:

Leaving the Dripping Springs area, I wandered onto a rocky dirt trail where some tent campers were set up.  It allowed Fiona to be posed with the Desert Peaks one sees from the highway:

A little further on, I spotted some buildings which led me to Baylor Canyon Road and the formation where it gets its name:

Tried for sunset pics but Mother Nature didn't cooperate in spite of good sunset clouds initially.  The ride back to camp was a bit brisk but endurable.

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