Friday, December 20, 2019

Glamping at the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

Dec 19

I displaced from the Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell, NM and a couple hours or so later was pulling into the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site run by the BLM.  A pull-through site was available and with my access pass I booked two nights for $18 with electricity and water!  Not bad eh?

It was partly cloudy and a bit chilly when I checked in just before Noon but it would eventually clear up nicely and result in a warmish late afternoon ideal for some short hiking to check out the petroglyphs.

There's two trails, one to pit homes and the other for the main attraction, the petroglyphs, of which there's apparently over 20,000!  The trails wander through the piles of rocks on which the petroglyphs were carved by ancient people.

 That is Sierra Blanca in the background, which I hope to get closer
to tomorrow.

 Stylized birds, thunderbirds?


 A view towards camp, the rock piles that one walks through
to find petroglyphs

 Looking away from camp, you can see the arched cover area
suitable for rest breaks and as far as I went today.
The guide said few petroglyphs to be found and no maintained trails.

 Quadruped similar to Mimbres black on white pottery

 The apparently typical round face and almond shaped eyes, this
face sporting earrings

 Bighorn Sheep, one of the most popular petroglyphs according
to the guide one gets from the visitor center.

 Pano of my campsite showing a view of Sierra Blanca

Tonight's sunset wasn't too bad


Oz said...

I have yet to see petroglyphs in person. I love the idea of going somewhere less known. Thanks for the info. I bet this time of year is great and very few people.

RichardM said...

The Petroglyph site looks pretty interesting. New Mexico sounds cold...

redlegsrides said...

Yep, Oz, very few people... just the way I like it

redlegsrides said...

I think you and Bridget would like this site RichardM, especially if you can score one of the two pull through spots....

SonjaM said...

Thanks for the tour, Dom. I have seen those in other areas but these petroglyphs are by far the most beautiful ancient graffiti I have ever seen.

redlegsrides said...

You’re welcome SonjaM, glad you liked the pics.