Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Cooling out at home for a change

Not much going on besides usual seasonal stuff.

Before last week's snow storm, I did get around to re-securing the right-most rear support bracket for the water tank.  It's been loose since we got the URRV I'm thinking.  I couldn't see it until I removed a splash shield inside the wheel well.  I also added some wood blocks to further support the tank.

 The fresh water tank mounted to Uma, the URRV
the red arrow points to the loose support bracket.
The black tape is holding an LED light in place that I use
to shine into the tank to tell me how much water is left.

I had to remove the outer dually tire in order to be able to reach the bracket somewhat easily.  I'll be purchasing an electric impact wrench for the next time to speed things up!  Learned that my 8 ton bottle jack does fine to lift the URRV slightly into the air and the 6 ton jack stands should be here end of this week for the next time I do this.

It did provide me some peace of mind, that I do have the gear to replace a tire, if I have another single blowout while traveling.

 Mocking up the wooden blocks so they'll support
the re-attached bracket and prevent rearward movement
by the water tank.  Everything is resting on the chassis frame.

Above: The blue arrow shows where it supports the metal support bracket portion that's now anchored to the house floor once again; and the red arrow where the bracket should provide support to the tank.

Wooden blocks painted and in place, secured together with thin
metal sheeting cut to fit and screws.

Above, the red arrow shows the wood block supporting the anchored portion of the metal bracket....it didn't quite work out in terms of adding wooden support to the tank itself but I think I'll be fine.

We did get a pretty good dumping of snow, perhaps 8-10" last week just before the Thanksgiving holidays:

I did finally quit dithering and ordered a front hitch for the URRV, should be here mid-week and I'll see about installing it to see if it'll work for carrying the TW200, aka Yagi.  If it works out OK, I'll probably sell the Pitbull Restraint system to recoup some of the money involved.

Failed another hearing test, proving to the Veteran's Administration that I qualified for VA-issued hearing aids.  I should be getting them on February 10 of next year.  Could have gotten them sooner, mind you, but I hope to be camping in January.

My FIL and some family friends are all congregating in the area the next few days, so that'll be the focus for the Changs.

I hope to be going camping again (am tied with last year's total camping days at present) soon after December 11.  The goal is to head south where its hopefully warmer than hereabouts.


RichardM said...

Interested to see how the front hitch works out. Maybe worthwhile to weigh the RV before and after.

redlegsrides said...

Last time at truck scales the front axle came in at 3860 lbs (4600 max). Am curious what the hitch + rack + TW200 do to that figure.

RichardM said...

I’d be curious as to how much the rear axle changes.

redlegsrides said...

We shall see

CCjon said...

Nice jerry-rigging on the water tank. All this work you are doing on UMA, in your heated garage or in the freezing driveway?

CCjon said...

Am surprised to learn there is not more extra weight capacity on the front. Those huge snow plows one mounts on the front weighs as much or more than your TW...?

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, this is unknown territory for me, using a front hitch for the motorack and TW200, am estimating weight to be over 360 lbs counting everything new. We shall see re the effect on front axle. The work is done outside due to the RV’s size so one waits for sunny days and temps above 50.

Steve Williams said...

I'm grateful to both you and Richard for your RV reporting. It has helped solidify my resolve in never, ever having one. As I watch the engineering gymnastics you guys do I feel cold in my soul. My road obviously leads elsewhere.

I do envy the time you get away though. Suppose it would not happen without the RV. So there is that.

It was nice to get to your Currier and Ives style scenes of the URAL.

Best of luck rigging the front rack for the TW200. If that doesn't work, perhaps you can just put it on the roof. Here's a YouTube video showing you how to accomplish that:


Best wishes to you and your family for a great Christmas holiday!

redlegsrides said...

Steve Williams, you're quite welcome but really I think it's more that RichardM and I are just happier when dinking with things? And yes, the solitude involved with my preferred camping locations is worth it, all things considered.

As to the video, seen it before, can't imagine what damage that guy is doing to his spine.

Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!