Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Uraling for Fall Colors on Independence Pass Road

I've been boondocking since Monday, and today I took an extra long lunch for a ride to Independence Pass Road, about 25 miles away from my campsite.

There's been a lot of weekend and late night work lately, so fear not, my employer is getting their money's worth.  I even let my new boss now, my old boss has moved onto the next company to build.

The Fall Colors definitely came earlier than usual this year, it should have been peak colors time about now, but I found that in some areas, the leaves were already off the trees or near to it!

Still, the scenery was quite breathtaking when the sun was out, there would be some waiting while clouds moved on so that the sun would highlight the colors of the leaves.

 Heading towards the small town of Twin Lakes, 
gateway to Independence Pass from the east side.

Scarlett and I motored on up towards the summit and then turned right around for the serious picture taking.  I should have stopped more on the way up, the sun was bright and less clouds.  There would be more clouds on the way down which caused delays.

 Purpled Mountain Majesties

 My favorite clump of Aspens, I really like the ones with
the red tips in the leaves.....

One last look at the Twin Lakes

Rode on back to the campsite near Buena Vista and finished some work for the day along with repairing some small items inside the URRV.

Before I knew it, it was dinner time and soon after that, a pretty weirdly colored sunset.

One last thing, 9 years ago today, I took receipt of Natasha, my first Ural Sidecar Rig!  How time flies, she was the first of four rigs that have passed through my hands or that I still ride.   Here's a link to that day's posting:  LINK


RichardM said...

Independence Pass is a beautiful area as evidenced by your fall foliage. It didn’t take too long after leaving AK before all evidence of Fall started to disappear. Not disappointing about that. Here in Sunriver, it’s getting below freezing at night. We’ll probably be burning a lot of propane.

Jan Daub said...

Beautiful shots Dom. Well done.

Sad to hear fall is coming early though. We have plans to be in northern New Mexico the first half of October just for the fall colors... drat this global warming stuff.

dom chang said...

The onboard furnace/blower on my URRV is inefficient and wasteful of propane. I love the catalytic heater even though there's minor setup each time.

dom chang said...

Thanks Jan, yeah, this early Fall Colors arrival is throwing some timetables a bit off.

MotoVentures said...

Beautiful! I rode through there on 9/15 and got some great pictures, especially of the barn on the far side of Twin Lakes. I need to make time to catch up on my posts!

dom chang said...

Thanks MotoVentures, I look forward to your posting of that ride.