Friday, June 29, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 10: Uraling to the Mothership

IMWA, the name of the company which makes URAL motorcycles, is located in Redmond, WA.  I was queried via FB, by Ilya, the CEO, if I was planning on visiting them since he saw I was in the area.

It didn't take much to convince me to go, they're always so welcoming to URAL rig owners there and I wanted to finally meet Ilya in person.

Took WA 525 to Southbound 405 until I got to the 85th Street exit.  I took the Express Toll Lane, which I'm hoping is indeed free for motorcycles.  If not, oh well, it was worth it to bypass the stop and go traffic.

Got there after a few missed turns, and was greeted by Tyler, one of their staff at the office.  Soon enough, Ilya was greeting me and giving me a tour of the warehouse area. 

Then it was time for a chat with Madina, his lovely wife in her office.  It was good to renew the friendship I'd begun with her back in 2013 when I first stopped at URAL HQ on the way to Alaska on Valencia, my 2011 Patrol.

I kept the visit short as I knew they were busy with work and I didn't want to be a bother.

Madina, yours truly and Ilya

The ride back, same way I came down, was much busier and hectic.  This area is really bursting at the seams with cars and people!  I found out later that the area I'm staying at, Everett, was recently rated as #1 in terms of terrible traffic and I can believe it!

My thanks to Madina and Ilya for making time out of their busy schedule to visit with me.  


RichardM said...

Cool! No spy photos?

dom chang said...

RichardM, no spy photos....

Spat said...

хорошо на ya

You are a good customer

Spat said...

хорошо на ya

Good on ya, Congratulations, job well done

dom chang said...

Thanks Spat