Monday, June 18, 2018

A Couple of Nice Sunsets.....

Yep, more Sunset pictures.

It's been quite hot here on the Colorado Front Range this week, leading one to ride when things cool off.

There's also several fires going on around the state, the one that made the news being the 416 Fire in the SW portion of the state.

It's led to more smoke particulate in the air I believe, and while we could do without the fires, one beneficial side effect is more colorful sunsets.

June 13:


June 15:

 The cesspool that is Denver doesn't look bad from a distance


RichardM said...

Very nicely captured sunsets!

Kari Kropf said...

That's the thing with pollution/fires/etc. Really bad for us, but does create some pretty sunsets. Soon the grass seed farmers here will be harvesting and we'll have all sorts of nice dirt and dust floating around in the air.

dom chang said...

Thanks RichardM.

Kari...thanks. Can you imagine what the sunsets were lick when Krakatoa blew it's top?

SonjaM said...

Always with the eye candy, Dom.

dom chang said...

Danke SonjaM, I do what I can.