Friday, September 08, 2017

RV Trip: Chief Hosa

Just a short two day RV Glamping stay, at the Chief Hosa Campground, near the Metro Denver area just past the foothills to the west.

Objective, to capture sunset/sunrise pics at Lookout Mountain and also at the Buffalo Overlook exit on I-70 where one catches the first glimpses of the Continental Divide's mountain peaks.

Due to the smoky haze that has cloaked the state, shots of distant mountain peaks proved impossible.  The fires in the nation's northwest caused this smoke, but did make for some interesting shots of the diffused through the smoke/haze sun.

Views from the Buffalo Overlook Exit:

 The red shows where the sun dipped into the thicker 
smoke/haze layers

This is the view of the Continental Divide Peaks I'd
hoped for, without the snow of course.

This is how the same view looked like back before
the construction of the Super Slab known as I-70

Umarang at the Chief Hosa Campground

I didn't make it to the the Sunrise on the 6th, but did capture the sunset while cruising along nearby Lookout Mountain Road.  The first two pictures required much post-processing to be made usable, due to hazy conditions.

 Views of para-gliders enjoying the thermals near
Lookout Mountain

 At the Buffalo Bill Museum's parking lot

 A little further down on Lookout Mountain Road

Got home on the 7th and Scarlett and I enjoyed a nice sunset in our usual spot:


RichardM said...

Some pretty interesting sunset shots. I'm amazed how far the smoke has traveled.

SonjaM said...

The smoky condition make for a spectacular scenery. Nicely captured, Dom. But I hope the fires are over by now.

redlegsrides said...

Interesting indeed RichardM, I wonder if the folks who saw the sunset after Krakatoa blew its top thought the same thing.

SonjaM, spectacular yes, but the fires in the NW are a disaster that the news media have ignored in favor of the latest shiny thing: Irma.

CCjon said...

Have always admired your sunset photos, now the blue haze mountain ridges is a definite keeper. Very nice.

The haze gives an Appalachian look to the rockies.

redlegsrides said...

Thank you Jan Daub, I've always been a sucker for the multi-shades of blue that the Smoky Mountains to the east are known for....