Saturday, September 23, 2017

RV Trip: Montrose - Day 2

A day of varied weather to say the least, rain, sleet, snow, more rain, sun and fog.

The day started with a capture of Courthouse Mountain on Owl Creek Road, just a bit north of the town of Ridgway, CO.

 The block shaped rock with the pyramid on top is
Courthouse Mountain

 The clouds got thicker as sunrise approached...

 Here the clouds block the mountains completely...

One last effort by the sun to get past the clouds....

I then returned to Uma to do some work scheduled for Saturday morning.  Work done, I just hung out at the RV while it rained steadily outside till about 12:30 or so when I saw the sun come out through the rain clouds.

Geared up and headed south towards Ouray, just in time to have the sun disappear and thick clouds and fog ahead as I transited Ouray itself.

 View of Ouray from the Overlook, loved the clouds
shrouding the tops of the mountains around town

 Leaving Ouray, it's a short ride to the stretch of US550 known as the Million Dollar Highway:

I rode onwards, past Ironton Park which is located on the site of the old town of Ironton.  The sprinkling rain got colder and heavier as Scarlett and I gained altitude and soon it was snowing.  It was snowing hard enough that I had to keep wiping ice off my helmet's visor every second or so.  Suboptimal picture taking conditions so I turned around at the third hairpin turn and headed back towards Ironton Park.

 The view of the hillsides and valley where
Ironton Park is located.

Continuing back towards Ouray, I made a stop at a hairpin turn where I normally pose my motorcycles when on this road.

 A peek, inside the forest pictured below:

Back on the Million Dollar Highway, I had to stop for this shot of the road.  There were several of these waterfalls along the side of the road; I image one day they'll wash out parts of the road if CDOT doesn't keep up the maintenance!

Finally reaching Ridgway, the sun of course came back out and though the peaks remained under clouds, the rest of the valley was sunlit nicely.

 Mount Sneffels

Rode back to Uma once more to dry out my riding gear, which was quite soaked from my short time in the mountains south of Ouray.

Soon after 6:00 PM though, after chatting with a couple of old timers at the campground about motorcycles and past lives; it was time to head out for sunset pictures!

 The Courthouse Mountain range lit by the setting sun

 Once again, didn't get much of a shot of the actual
setting sun itself

 The setting sun did light up the Courthouse Mountain
and the distant peaks quite nicely though

I know, a lot of pictures, and this was under sub-optimal picture taking conditions in the mountains!  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and with a high of 62 degrees Farenheit so brace yourself for even more pictures in the next posting!


Unknown said...

Spectacular photos of gorgeous fall in the San Juans, Dom--lookin' forward to seeing more. ;-)

redlegsrides said...

It's apparently snowing on the San Juans, Ry Austin, we'll see if tomorrow is drier and warmer than today! Thanks for the comments.

Unknown said...

Here in Salt Lake we're also in the midst of sudden winter--daytime temps in the low- to mid-50s, rain galore in the valley, and a fair amount of snow in the Wasatch. I just hope that autumn has a chance to arrive and linger before winter sets in...

redlegsrides said...

Pics, Ry Austin, Pics! :)

or did I miss a posting?

Unknown said...

I've been such a slacker regarding my poor blog--it's the first thing to get back-burnered when life is busy. I have been using Instagram a lot for realtime (or nearly realtime) moto-posts.

It's funny--for the last while I've been obsessing over the idea of an instant camera... Yeah, an instant camera (a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic or a vintage Polaroid SX-70). I'll put it on the wants list to let the idea simmer--gotta first understand the purpose an instant camera would serve in this digital age...

Learning to Golf said...

Brilliant pictures! Your riding area never gets old as it changes so often. Well done!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks AZ AD! The RV has helped to extend my range, I had for a while before it , become bored with the usual areas.

SonjaM said...

Is this really fresh snow already? Time flies. The colours couldn't be more spectacular, Dom. Simply brilliant.

redlegsrides said...

Definitely fresh snow SonjaM! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Love that waterfall on the road - so beautiful!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks motoventures, seen that road with several such waterfalls during a heavy rain....I think they'll wash the road off the cliff edge one day.