Thursday, September 28, 2017

RV Trip: Montrose - Day 7 Ironton Park and Yankee Boy Basin

I was socked by rain clouds all day, on day 6 of this trip, so no story, no pics.

Day 7, on the other hand, worked out pretty good in terms of finding Fall Color in spite of yet another wet weather front moving in.

The sunrise was just fair, but it did illuminate the nearby San Juan peaks nicely:

I took an early and extended lunch in order to squeeze in the riding before the front moved in, as it is, I thought I wouldn't be able to outrun it!

It all started under pretty sunny skies
View of the San Juan Mountains as one heads into Ridgway

After fueling up in Ridgway, I headed through Ouray, through the Million Dollar Highway, and past Ironton Park....all this under grey over cast skies, which got darker as Scarlett and I gained altitude.

Right after Red Mountain Pass, we must have gone past the 10,000 ft altitude mark as it started to lightly snow on us.  Yay.

 Not a bad start for the snow cover that will soon cover
the San Juan mountain peaks as Fall becomes Winter in a couple
of months.

 Normally a red colored peak, Red Mountain has its
early Fall coat of snow on today.

Stopped several times at likely points for Fall Color along US 550, headed back towards Ouray, but the light from the sun was pretty much blocked at this time.

 The storm clouds chased me from Red Mountain Pass
down to this point on Ironton Park.
 Hey look, its sunny over Ouray!

 Here's a view of the mountains to the west of 
the town of Ouray

As I negotiated the hairpin turns just before the town limit of Ouray, I notice a pair of riders riding two-up, turning onto a side road near the sign for Box Canyon Falls.

Falls don't interest me per se, but then as I glanced in that direction, I also saw a sign for Yankee Boy Basin and the Camp Bird Mine.  Now, that sounded interesting and best of all, the road was sunlit!  Perhaps, there would be Fall Color down that road!

A mile or two later, there it was, the sunlit Fall Color I'd been hoping for for today.  Scarlett and I rode up to the site of Yankee Boy Basin (old gold mining area at the base of an imposing mountain).

As we rode up and gained altitude again, I would see nice views of this imposing mountain top, I failed to dig out my phone to invoke the Peak Finder app though, so I can't tell you its name.

It could be part of Hayden Mountain as I look at google maps but not sure.

Neat rock overhang over part of the road

 Looking north towards Ouray

Back in Ouray, the clouds had caught up with the town and I rode back to the campground under ever thickening cloud cover.  We made it back just in time, it started raining fitfully soon after I parked Scarlett.

Good couple of hours of riding, got some decent pics on this my last day of the RV trip.  Uma, Scarlett and I go home tomorrow.

Not much of a sunset either today but here you go:


Trobairitz said...

Those snow shots are pretty Dom. I didn't realize I missed seeing the Ural in the snow until I saw them.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, Brandy, snow is their natural element in my book.

Unknown said...

If I recall correctly, that road to Camp Bird / Yankee Boy Basin is the one that reaches Imogene Pass (from the Ouray side). On my first ride to the San Juans in September of 2012, I reached Imogene from the Telluride Side (a spectacular ride in gorgeous scenery). I want to do to the whole thing, from Telluride to Ouray (or vice versa), but I understand there's a river crossing or two up there, and I'm reluctant to tackle serious river crossings solo... Hey, how's about ya scout that out for me, Dom, and be sure to post a lot of pics. :D ;-)

redlegsrides said...

Sure Ry, be happy time I'm in the San Juans area. Sounds like a great ride....and I've not done Imogene Pass.

Anonymous said...

Those are some epic roads and views - thanks for sharing the journey with us!

redlegsrides said...

You're quite welcome motoventures

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Those are my kinds of roads; I absolutely need to get back to SW Colorado and the Four Corners on my next trip west.
Thanks Dom!

redlegsrides said...

Be sure to let me know when you're in Colorado Coop! Thanks for the comments.

SonjaM said...

Dom, the scenery is once again brilliant. One day I have to visit. Meanwhile, the Alps have to do...

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, I envy you your present close to the magnificent Alps.

Kaliram said...

Wow, Dom, we just missed you, as our paths were crossing! My wife, Leighana, and I were in Moab, uraling, in the latter part of September, and then went to Ridgeway (Orvis Hot Springs!), camping and leaf-peeping over Owl Creek Pass, as well as Marshall Pass, and on to Woodland Park for a 2 week visit with kids and grandkids. Then headed westward back to home in Northern California via Lake City and Creede.

Life is good in the Autumn in the Rockies!

We’re expecting a visit from Mr Cob tomorrow as he heads homeward on the last leg of his “Escape the Nor Wet Gloom” Tour, but it’s looking like escape will no longer be possible as it’s rain, rain, rain here on Cob Mtn. Methinks he will have to pass up on visiting this year, alas, but we shall all be seeing one another again in Moab in April!

John (the one in the ”Marlboro Man” Ural photo from Moab-2017

redlegsrides said...

Hi John (kaliram), it would have been great if our paths had crossed! Sounds like you've been busy Uraling!