Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Riding with BeemerGirl and OilBurner on Pikes Peak

Took the day off from work to go riding on Pikes Peak (America's Mountain) with Lori aka BeemerGirl, a motoblogger who writes "For Love of a Motorbike" and her husband Chris aka Oilburner.

They'd come down from the Brainard Lake area yesterday evening and stayed overnight visiting.

We left the house at the crack of 9AM and by 11AM we were at the fee station at the base of Pikes Peak, sunny conditions, not much wind, pretty much perfect weather conditions except for hazy conditions which affected how far out we could see.  This outing I was riding Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer.

BeemerGirl led the group up to the summit, seeming to display a special fondness for being near the double yellow lines separating the traffic going up and down the mountain.  ;)

I kid of course, she and Oilburner did great on the way up, around and then down the mountain.  And yes, we were NOT the slowest folks on the mountain today, plenty of drivers in big manly pickup trucks were bypassed by us as they drove slow and nervous.

 Lori and Chris at the requisite Summit Sign picture

 BeemerGirl atop Pikes Peak

 At the Bottomless Pit

 Incoming storm started masking the peak as we made our way down

After a nice lunch at Rudy's BBQ near Old Colorado City, we made our way for a quick tour of the Garden of the Gods.

 Garden of the Gods

 Balanced Rock

Soon it was time to hit the I-25 Super Slab northward to the exit to Colorado 105 Highway near Monument, CO.  We cruised on this nice motorcycling road for a while, happy to leave the chaos of the interstate behind.  It did rain on us a little bit but nothing to get excited about before we made it to Sedalia where we fueled up.

About 200 miles of riding with Lori and Chris, and I believe fun was had by all.  We chatted all during the ride through our helmet intercom units, taking turns assuming (quite involuntarily) the title of "Captain Blinkie" whenever one of us forgot to turn off a turn signal after making a turn.

I said my goodbyes at Sedalia as Lori and Chris were heading back towards Brainard Lake where they've been staying.  I entered rush hour traffic on eastbound C-470 but once I got on the E-470 tollway, it was smooth sailing all the way home, under sunny skies.

Finally a few pics of tonight's "fair" sunset.  A good day of riding with friends, showing them a little bit of Colorado, making memories.  


BeemerGirl said...

Thank you, Dom! We had a great time visiting in the evening (wonderful stir fry from Martha), and a great ride. I'm glad we had communication, to have the fun chatter back and forth and be able to let you know when I was going to be slowing down and studying the line quality of the yellow one. Discussing the merits of crispness, evenness, accuracy... You were very forgiving of my slowness, and showing off your white line antics. :) Thank you for all the best turnouts and the great shots!

redlegsrides said... and Chris were perfect riders. Lucky for you I didn't take Scarlett, it would have added at least two hours to the riding time.

RichardM said...

Captain Blinky… I thought those new Hondas had self cancelling blinkers...

Trobairitz said...

How great to get a full day riding with Chris and Lori.

Code word amongst our riding buddies for a blinker left on is "Rumpelstiltskin" When you hear that word over the radios, check your blinkers, lol

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, sadly the title of captain blinky got shared by all on this ride.

Trobairitz, good codeword....

BeemerGirl said...

@RichardM, sadly not self cancelling. The upside is the fun laughter aaalllll day. :) Also named a new moose to the fleet in honor of. The smallest moose with the highest rank.

@Trobairitz, hilarious!