Sunday, August 06, 2017

Reconning Possible RV Campsites

Under cloudy skies and cool conditions, Brigitta, my '87 BMW R80 Airhead and I headed out to check cellular data connectivity in the nearby mountains., had provided a list of BLM campsites that one can take an RV to and I wanted to see what kind of connectivity they had via Verizon.  The wireless coverage map provided by Verizon has proven "lacking" in the past so an in person recon was required.

First up was the farthest, the Gordon Gulch Recreation Area, which is 5 miles or so north of the small mountain town of Nederland, CO.

Lat Lng: 40.009854,-105.501955

I found Forestry Road 266 with no issues though it was just .4 miles north of Mile Mark 37, not .5!   As I cruised around seeking decent parking spots, I came across a young (teenage) black bear ambling across the dirt road.  He picked up speed when he saw me and ran off into the woods.  No pics, wasn't fast enough.

Gordon Gulch Recreation Area

Got decent signal at a couple of spots using the OpenSignal app on my iphone but the terrain wasn't really something I'd take Uma, my Class C Motorhome, to find campsites.  The road was packed dirt/gravel and there were a couple of spots where one might ground one's motorhome.  So scratch Gordon Gulch from the list of future boondocking sites.

Leaving there, I headed back south along CO72 and took the CO46 junction towards the Golden Gate Canyon State Park and its campground.  Less than five miles in, found the sign for campground but it turns out RVs have to take the Gap Road junction further to the north on CO72 to get to it.  The road was too narrow and curvy I guess.  So no testing Verizon's signal at this campground today.

Twisting and turning my way back down CO72 (the Peak to Peak Highway) was quite enjoyable on two wheels but I did note I've become a bit "rusty" as Brigitta and I made our way up and down the twisting curves back towards Black Hawk.

Shortly after transiting the casino town of Black Hawk, I took the US40/US6 junction towards Idaho Springs and shortly afterwards was on the US40 Frontage Road heading east to the I-70 exit.

Getting on I-70 Eastbound, I was soon at the Chief Hosa exit.  This is where Denver's Genesee Park has the Chief Hosa RV campground.  It's a small affair but I got pretty good download, lukewarm upload speeds when I checked.

I think the 10Mbps was a fluke, got 2.2 in a second test for 
download speed

Near Chief Hosa RV Park

Of course, it's an RV park so not quite a boondocking site, but still a possible destination when we've only a couple of days to get away from the cesspool of humanity that is Denver.

The view from the Chief Hosa highway exit from I-70

Brigitta and I made it home, though we did get sprinkled on as we traversed the SW portion of the C-470 beltway to the Metro Denver area.

It was a good workout ride for Brigitta, something long overdue.

To finish this post, a composite/double exposure shot from yesterday's sunset and the moon which showed at the same time.


RichardM said...

Maybe it would be worth it to have a device from Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T with you when checking. Your Verizon phone has an unlocked SIM slot. Could you have another carrier SIM installed?

redlegsrides said...

Yep, have thought about using other provider's SIM cards....just don't want to spend the money I guess.

Steve Williams said...

A bit rusty? Sounds like you may have been exposed to idiopathic URAL disorder. Symptoms include wandering out of your lane and more serious target fixation on two wheels...

redlegsrides said...

Steve Williams, definitely way too much time on three wheels apparently....I was half-pencing it through the curves at times, not smoothly carving my way through them....

RichardM said...

Truly rusty if you forget to put your foot down when stopping...

redlegsrides said...

Not that rusty RichardM....though it's much iffier to park two wheels on the iffy parts of the side of the road than with 3 wheels!

Trobairitz said...

Recon for camp sites is a good excuse to get on two wheels. Much easier than maneuvering the RV around and checking things out.

Love that last shot. You're pretty handy with a camera. :-)

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, it was just happy coincidence that I took two shots that matched so well when superimposed.