Thursday, January 22, 2015

Riding after Snowy Day

It snowed on us, pretty much all day, here in the metro Denver area yesterday.  I seem to recall the forecast earlier on to have been "flurries".  Well, my neighborhood got almost three inches of "flurries".  :)

The skies yesterday, were completely overcast, which led me to not venture out for pictures as one gets the impression Denver is enclosed inside a gray dome of clouds.

This morning, right after the school rush, Scarlett and I ventured out hoping to get some got views of the mountains to the west.

Conditions would prove a bit hazy, not exactly what one would expect after a good storm but you take what you can get right?

 Pikes Peak in the Distance

 Added digital zoom and almost two stops of under exposure
to bring out the snow on Mount Evans.

About an hour is all I could devote to riding this morning before the morning "rush" at work.  Temperatures hovered between 17-19ºF (-8 to-7ºC) so it was bit "brisk".  To RichardM however, it would have been positively balmy.

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Dar said...

Dom, the pics are beautiful! They look like they could be art cards or used for Christmas cards. What a lovely day, you can almost feel the cool crispness in the air when you look at the photos.

Mark Corwin said...

Just got dusting here in Red Feather Lakes but 3° at 6am. Maybe I go for a ride on the logging trails this afternoon if it warms up

Charlie6 said...

Dar, thanks very much. It was definitely "crisp"....

Mark Corwin, have a great ride...just bundle up, it'll be fine.

Richard M said...

It's always nice to get a light dusting of snow to get everything nice and sparkling white again.

I like the third photo the best. The fence draws your eye to the rig.

Charlie6 said...

A fresh coat of white, courtesy of mother nature....thanks for the comments RichardM

SonjaM said...

Downright beautiful, Dom. Calendar-worthy! This is how winter should look like.

Trobairitz said...

Looking pretty with that snowy backdrop. Scarlett makes for such a bright spot of color in the snow too.