Monday, January 05, 2015

Lunch Ride

I forgot to put the SD card back into the Sony A5000 camera before I headed out today during the lunch hour, so I had to resort to the camera in my iPhone 4S.

I rode east on Quincy Road, past the junction with Watkins Road to the turnoff that leads to Post 19 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.  The plains were covered with a bit of snow but you could still see the taller vegetation sticking up through the snow.

The new tires helped gain and maintain traction, especially on 
this trail which had loose gravel underneath.

That's Quincy Road, looking east.

Not much else to report, currently enjoying a relative "heat wave" with temperatures in the high 40s to low 50s farenheit and no snow in the immediate forecast.  I think the cold and snow we just experienced is headed east.

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SonjaM said...

Dom, you are awesome, delivering one wintery sight after another.

I am jumping back and forth between your blog and Richard's, thinking: what are they up to next.

Keep it rolling, and thanks for the wonderful pics.

Trobairitz said...

Does your warmer temps mean all that snow has melted? Or will it stick around some?

I admit I enjoy the snow pictures, especially since I don't have to shovel it or drive in it.

Charlie6 said...

Don't know about awesome, SonjaM, I do have a need to ride on snow's more of an affliction.

Trobairitz, the snow on the ground is still there but will disappear over next week or so I think. It's already gone from the roads. Last night, the neighborhood streets were a skating rink, it got so icy.