Monday, January 19, 2015

Breakfast Ride

Oscar N. and Erik S., two friends of mine from the IT side of my life, are fellow members of what we call the SSSG or Sungard Survivors Support Group.  Sungard, you see, is where we all met as fellow inmates of one of the Tier III Network Support teams for Sungard's many customers who've outsourced part or all of their IT operations.

This morning, it was time for the periodic breakfast we try to do, to allow for the sharing of a meal, the venting of frustrations at our different jobs and just general camaraderie.

The sun was rising as I rode west along Arapahoe Road to the breakfast place, and I could see some nice colors brightening the horizon behind me.

I missed the really pink colorings but still got what turned out to be a decent sunrise picture after some photoshopping away of power lines and such.  I'll find a better spot for the next breakfast meeting.

A leisurely breakfast later, everyone parted for their own respective workplaces since although it was Martin Luther King Day today, there's no rested for the wicked in the IT world.

Near the restaurant, I saw a nice view of Mount Evans in the mid-morning light and had to pose Scarlett to capture the view using the zoom lens to bring the mountains a bit closer than they actually were:

The ride home was in pretty dense traffic, guess not a lot of folks got the day off after all.  Work-related crisis work kept me busy the rest of the day and evening, so this posting is a bit late.

Weather guesser reports are calling for a maximum of an inch of snow for our area, but I bet we'll only get a dusting of the white stuff.

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VStar Lady said...

Scarlett looks so 'nicely' red against the mountain backdrop. A beautiful vista is never late! Thanks for sharing.

KaTy Did said...

So pretty and the shot with the red hck in the corner is a great one. Very nice indeed!

Charlie6 said...

VStar Lady, yep, that red is a key ingredient....thanks for your kind words.

KaTyDid, thank you as well for your kind comments.

Trobairitz said...

You always seem to have the loveliest sunrises.

Richard M said...

SSSG, pretty good to keep in touch with other survivors.

Really nice colors in the sunrise photo. The snow looks so far away in the mountains. Is it less than usual this year?

Charlie6 said...

Thank you Trobairitz, we do seem to get more than our fair share. helps to vent to others who've "been there". Yep, less snow than normal.

bluekat said...

Gorgeous colors in the sunrise, but I'm really lovin' the mountains scene. What a lovely day for a ride.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Bluekat...Mount Evans is the main mountain one sees from the metro denver area....