Saturday, December 27, 2014

Valencia is published on Motoplus Magazine

The lady who runs, a graphics design company in the Netherlands, contacted me before Christmas asking about a picture she'd found online showing Valencia, my 2011 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig, who is now owned by a lady in Washington State.

She wanted to use it in an ad for Motoplus, a Dutch motorcycle magazine.

After some brief email exchanges, a fee was paid for a First European Use License.  (Thanks, Jack Riepe, for coaching me through this process).

Here's the original picture from back in December 2012:

The magazine was published on the 17th of this month and today I got a scan and photos of the magazine:

 Google Translate:  We Wish you Happy Holidays
The ad sponsor is apparently a site similar to where 
one can sell or buy used motorcycles/vehicles:  

It's always gratifying to me, especially if they're willing to pay, for folks to ask for the commercial use of my photos; it helps pay for gas and tires you know?  Thank you Annouck, this made my day.


Gary France said...

That's great. I think you need to get the magazine, cut out the page and frame it.

Keith - Circle Blue said...


Yes, it is so very nice when folks play by the rules.

Merry Christmas,

RichardM said...

Congratulations! You didn't offer a much more Christmas looking rig?

redlegsrides said...

Gary F, thanks for the idea...going to see if the scan they sent will print out nicely first.

Keith, yes, it is better when everyone plays by the rules. Hope you and yours had a good Christmas.

Thanks RichardM....they contacted me, I guess the orange color was what they were seeking.

Canajun said...


Learning to Golf said...

Congratulations! That is pretty cool.

Trobairitz said...

How cool is that. Once again you are famous. Congrats Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Canajun....yes it is.

Trobairitz....don't know about fame, no attribution on the ad....still, it paid for a few tanks of gas.