Saturday, December 20, 2014

Perry Park, the Day before the Winter's Solstice

A nice sunny day here in Colorado, we've got snow forecasted for tomorrow, the Winter's Solstice.

Temperatures stayed in the 40s all day as I rode to and from Perry Park, using CO 105/Douglas County 105.  I even saw several other motorcycle riders enjoying the nice weather before the incoming storm.

It was a late start for today's riding as the family and I first had to try and get a good picture for the annual Christmas letter.  The one with the boys and Scarlett turned out OK, the one with all of us will probably have to be re-shot.  Still trying to master the use of my iphone while it's connected to the camera via WiFi and enabling the shutter remotely you see.

 A view of the Perry Park Golf Course

 The backside of "Camel Rock"

 Camel Rock

Houses along Red Rock Road

Scarlett and I got back home safely by 3:30 PM, the weather had warmed up into the high 40s by then.  A really nice day for riding here, hope you got a chance to ride wherever you are.

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RichardM said...

Nice photos of the mountain peaks with clear blue skies.

Canajun said...

Every time you post more pictures I'm in awe of the beauty of the countryside around you. Thanks for sharing.
As for 40-degree rides, I expect I won't be seeing any of those here for at least 3 more months. Sigh....

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures and weather for the day before Solstice.

I am jealous of the blue sky.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, not quite mountain peaks....these are rather nice rock formations in a valley area actually.

Canajun, Colorado sure has its share of beautiful sights....40 degrees is's below 20 degrees when things get interesting....of course, for RichardM, that's balmy conditions.

Trobairitz, 300 days of sunshine according to the tourism board! ;) Thanks for your comments as well.