Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Friday Snow

It snowed overnight here in the Metro Denver area, but my surrounding neighborhoods got only about an inch or so of snow covering the ground.

I headed out before 7:00AM hoping to get some pictures of Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig on the snow before it all got messed up with traffic.

It was 14°F (-10°C) when Scarlett and I headed out of the neighborhood, enjoying the white-covered landscape.  I would see a low of 12°F (-11°C) during the 90 minutes or so of riding, and a high of 20°F (-6°C).  Good riding conditions when one is geared up correctly and astride three wheels.

My pusher tire is nearing its useful life, I could feel it slipping more than usual on the uphill climbs and moving from dead starts.....still, I didn't have to engage 2WD.

Light conditions, even after the sunrise, were monochromatic at best.  It led to some photographs requiring some tweaking and adding of effects through online tools and photoshop to make them usable.

It was snowing lightly as I took the pictures today, so I was trying not to expose the camera too much to the elements.  I suppose adjusting the White Balance setting instead of leaving it on Auto WB would have rendered less "blue" results.  I'll have to remember that next time.

Going home, I tried some other usual picture locations but the lighting or road appearance made for unappealing shots.  One somewhat close call, a light went yellow on me as I approached and I tried stopping, but instead slipped and slid almost into the intersection.    Pretty much in control, just let off on the throttle and kept the rig basically straight.  Should have gone through on the yellow light like previous times.

I'm hoping the sun will come out by noon, and perhaps the lighting will be better.

Update: 5:15PM.  Though the sun came out a few times during the day, I was inside doing work.  When I finished the workday I rode out to the local church parking lot but the sun was hidden behind a solid gray wall of clouds.

Still having issues with today's lighting....another highly tweaked photo.

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Troubadour said...

I like the fourth photo with Scarlett matching the yield sign, you could have used that for the yellow traffic light.
All yield to the Ural!!!

SonjaM said...

There you go, now you have it. Scarlett looks at its best in the white.

Next time it might indeed be safer to let it roll when the lights start changing.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Troubadour....I like that saying: "All yield to the Ural!!"

SonjaM, this was the third such yellow light event, the first two I had not stopped....this one was right at the cusp of the go-nogo point.

RichardM said...

Nice photos of the snow. I find that to be one of the advantages of shooting RAW format files is it is simple to adjust the white balance. I also "over expose" for snow a couple of stops.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, will use the RAW/JPG setting next time I am in these light conditions...will also try over-exposing. You're referring to using "exposure compensation" setting right?

RichardM said...

Yep, exposure compensation a couple of stops until the snow is white and possible blown out a little. There isn't much detail in the snow but your are loosing detail in the shadows...

redlegsrides said...

Found a setting to get rid of the blue tint in the original shots.

Steve Williams said...

Nice to get out in the snow -- just a beautiful time to be in the world.

Not sure why you're having photo issues -- here in the east that kind of light is photographically a no brainer. Easiest kind of light to work with. Wonder if you have some other camera menu set to some sort of color shift or processing that is mucking up the works.

redlegsrides said...

I am thinking the enhanced auto feature might be the culprit actually Steve. Going to try what RichardM suggested and also dunk with the white balance settings which are only available when not using the intelligent auto modes.

redlegsrides said...

Steve, the use of a clear UV filter would not be causal would it? Using it mainly as protection for the lens.

redlegsrides said...

So, tried overcast snow pictures with my old Nikon AW110, same blue tinting...maybe even a bit worse. So it's not the use of a UV filter, its just the Auto White Balance or AWB failing to calibrate correctly.

Using RichardM's suggestion, over-exposing by a couple of stops helps a bit as well. There's still post-processing to be done though but at least now I understand what's going on.