Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Winter Solstice Sunrise

Ah yes, the first day of Winter here in the great state of Colorado....

Rode out shortly after 6:30 AM and there was already the beginnings of light showing in the pre-dawn darkness.

Scarlett and I hurried over to the vicinity of the Aurora Track and found ourselves a good position to watch the sunrise.  At first I worried I'd parked Scarlett too close to one of the lamp posts situate on the road leading to the track but in the end, it gave depth to the pictures.

 One of the early shots, in Sunset mode, I think turned out the best.
The shots are in sequence, very minimal tweaking done using's online tools.
Besides using Sunset mode where notes, there was no tweaking of the colors produced
by the new camera, just slight addition of clarity, shadows and of course, resizing.

 above and below shot in Sunset Mode, the second
shot was two minutes later.

 Shot using iAuto mode

Sunset Mode, the camera's sensor shot it with at f/4 1/60sec ISO 100
really bloomed the reds out didn't it, kind of looks like the sky is on fire.

 Same shot, but now applying the "watercolor" artistic filter,
just playing around with Photoshop.

 As the skies brightened, I also shot Scarlett as she was illuminated
by the pre-sunrise dawn light

 As the Sun crested the horison, its bright light dulled the previous light show

On the way home, we saw a view of Pikes Peak in the distance


Troubadour said...

Very nice photos, thanks for sharing and Happy Solstice!

ToadMama said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

SonjaM said...

Sky on fire. Beautiful, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Troubadour....and a Happy Solstice to you and Trobairitz...with associated disclaimers of course. ;)

Kathy K...that's for the kind words.

SonjaM, Danke!

RichardM said...

Nice fiery sky photos.

Trobairitz said...

Stunning Dom. Nature really puts on a show in Colorado.

redlegsrides said...

thank you, RichardM and Trobairitz....