Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainy Ride

Ever since I started this job which is 100% work from home, I've ridden less as I no longer commute to/from Downtown Denver.  I don't miss that one bit, by the way.

So, it was time yesterday evening for a ride, in spite of the " fair to middlin' " amount of rain falling, the flash flood warnings in the metro area and temperatures in the low 60s.  Actually, the temperatures were fine, just had to turn on the heated grips about 15 minutes into the rainy ride as my hands were soaked, since my riding gloves weren't waterproof.

It felt good, riding in the rain, getting the riding gear washed since what seems like a long time since I last washed it, and enjoying the feel of the rain cooling things off.

I spent perhaps 30 minutes just riding up and down Gun Club Road, looking for the low points on the road hoping for water puddles to splash through.  Alas, the road builders must be getting better at their craft, the usual spots were not flooded.  Oh well.

The rain did get pretty heavy for about ten minutes of riding but no issues for Scarlett and her three-wheeled grip on the pavement.  We even rode down the same dirt trail we used in the previous posting; it was now muddy and wet and I could feel the pusher tire losing grip slightly sometimes, but nothing to be concerned about.

The rain became just a sprinkling by the time I took the above shot, no sunset pictures today....

Got home, the riding gear washed up and now hanging out to dry on hooks in the garage.  Good ride in a nice cool rain, such is wet weather in Colorado.


Richard M said...

I guess not having to drive into the city every day is one of the downsides of working from home. You could ride somewhere at lunchtime...

Trobairitz said...

I really like the muted colors and shadows in this pic.

No commuting really cuts down on the miles - I completely understand.

bob skoot said...


Commuting is over-rated. It's not enjoyable for me, too much traffic, aggressive drivers always tailgating and changing lanes.

Riding for pleasure is much more fun

bob: riding the wet coast

VStar Lady said...

Working from home sounds great as long as it doesn't begin to consume 100% of your time.

Joe said...

I always hope for that feeling of smug satisfaction that's supposed to come from riding in the rain and manning up to it, but all I get is soggy, cold, and miserable it seems. I admire your going for the glory under a rainy sky!

- Joe at Scootin' da Valley

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, I dont miss the work commutes at all...but yeah, need to do something to break up the day a bit.

Trobairitz, thanks, I liked the reflection of the rig on the wet pavement.

Bobskoot, I agree...completely.

VStar Lady, funny you should say that, the first couple of weeks were pretty long ones.

Joe, it really was enjoyable....soggy to be sure...but enjoyable.

SonjaM said...

Isn't it great to get a good wash? I can also appreciate the quiet moments of a ride in the rain. Much less traffic, right?