Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Final Drive for Scarlett = Clean Pusher Wheel

URAL has come through again in terms of backing their product.

Apparently, several of the first batch of rigs produced for the 2014 model year, of which Scarlett is one, had a manufacturing/design defect where the seal for the drive-shaft U-Joint mounts on the final drive.

URAL investigated this and shortly came out with this tech bulletin to its dealers:  LINK

Randy, the owner of Unique Rides, my URAL dealer in Fort Collins; ordered me a replacement FD and it arrived this week.

Rode up to Fort Collins yesterday and Randy replaced the Final Drive with the new one.  The old, will be shipped back to URAL to be rebuilt/repaired to correct specifications.

All this, under warranty coverage!  Only cost to me was time/gas to ride up and back to/from Fort Collins.

Though Randy also cleaned up the wheel as part of the exchange, I went ahead and detailed it some more after I got home.  I look forward to the pusher wheel remaining clean, at least, until the next time Scarlett and I hit the dirt!


SonjaM said...

Good to see that Ural stand by their product. Now, it's your job to get the wheel dirty again.

Charlie6 said...

Zum Befehl! :)

bob skoot said...


Ural seems to be very good in honouring their warranty claims. I can see why owners are loyal to their Brand. I've never noticed any hesitation in forwarding improved parts . . .

bob: riding the wet coast

Trobairitz said...

Glad they are standing behind their product. I don't think companies can get very far nowadays if they don't.

Is the wheel dirty yet?