Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Additional Storage for Scarlett

After seeing the ammunition cans used by the three Uralisti on their rigs during my recent visit with them as they crossed the country on US50; I began to have thoughts.

So, the other day, I went to the local Army Surplus store and lucked upon a used storage container of rather strange "provenance".  Not a typical ammo can, not as robust but also not as heavy, it seems to have been a container for items belonging to a drogue or pop chute?

 Coerce?  Weird.
The kangi characters suggest Chinese perhaps....the two
left most characters are 8 and 9

 What drew me to buy this box, was that it opens from the side.

 The bright orange handle, immediately removed.

 A bit rusty on the inside, nothing some naval jelly didn't cure

 No idea if tag is original

 After rust removal, a coat of blue primer inside and out

Several coats of flat black paint, to include one coat of rubberized coating later, it was ready to mount to the underside of Scarlett's tub, right after the snowmen supports.

As with the new Kolpin Gas Can you see below, I used large washers to distribute the load where the bolts secured both items.

 A small lock (enough to keep honest people honest) secures the lid

Now there's room to carry my "self-recovery" ropes, come-along device, tow strap and a spare inner tube. 


Canajun said...

Great job. I love being able to re-purpose stuff like that.

bob skoot said...


That's a great box. I like the way it opens on the side

Riding the Wet Coast

BeemerGirl said...

Absolutely excellent use of a little storage space! I love the idea of ammo boxes! Did you lose any ground clearance mounting it there? Or is the axle still lower?

Richard M said...

I like the idea of using ammo boxes as well for storage. Especially for a somewhat vulnerable location for those that like to venture off the beaten path. For storage of litte used tools it seems to be a good location. But for recovery items, you may end up trying to open the box while under water or buried in mud…

Trobairitz said...

Nice job Dom.

A good idea to have more store and a very creative way to achieve it.