Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hot Day, Warm Sunset

We're having rather hot temperatures this weekend, pretty much dissuading me from doing any real riding.

Temperatures finally dipped into the low 80's near sunset and I headed out with Scarlett to catch the sunset.

Turns out, the spot I parked Scarlett at, one of the usual spots for sunset pictures, is near a local geocache.  I looked for quite a few minutes and even though it was rated "easy", I failed to find it.  Oh well.


Richard M said...

The geocaches get easier to find once you have a few under your belt as you learn what to look for.

Nice sunset photo!

SonjaM said...

Despite not finding the geocache you found a gorgeous sunset spot. That counts for something, too.

Trobairitz said...

Pretty. Beautiful sunset.

bob skoot said...


as they say out here on the Coast,

"Red skies at night,
sailor's delight
Red skies in Morning
sailor's take warning"

Means good weather is coming. Sunsets for me mean powerlines, wires and roofs. Nice sunset, often sunsets over water are obscured by marine mist

Riding the Wet Coast