Sunday, September 29, 2013

Uraling in the 4th Annual Small Bike Ride

It was a brisk 38°F this morning as I headed away from home to ride/cover the 4th Annual Small Bike Ride.

Basically, its an organized ride of vintage motorcycles, to include scooters this year, with an engine displacement of 250cc or less.  The event does not strictly enforce this, more of a guideline, the main thing is to have folks ride with their vintage iron and have a good safe time.

I showed up at the start point first and soon was greeting Mike, who showed up on his '82 Honda MB5 50cc Motorcycle.  This model was only imported into the US for one year apparently, and Mike set a record with his on the Salt Flats of Utah with a speed of 60.757 MPH!

The rest of the riders and participants started tricking in soon afterwards.  Time was spent in greetings, viewing of motorcycles and scooters and the taking of pictures.  

 Two of the four scooters that rode in the SBR today.
Both these Vespas have done the Tail of the Dragon by the way.
The scooter riders were Amy W. and Monica D.

 The third scooter was a Genuine Stella, note the cool way it carries
a spare wheel/tire!

 Ride organizer's motorcycle, a very nice looking
1972 Benelli SS250 250cc 4 stroke

 Fellow organizer Tim Noreen's ride, a Honda CB160

.Honda CB200 ridden by Allison.

 The next smallest displacement ride, a 1968 Honda 90cc scooter

1972 Yamaha R5 350cc ridden by Dana R

a 125cc Moto Guzzi

The route covered twisty curves and turns that led the riders from the start at Deer Creek Canyon Road, onto North Turkey Creek Road, crossing under US285 and from there to the junction with CO73 near Conifer.  The riders would then wind their way into Conifer, then after fueling up and a brief rest, a ride south down Foxton Road towards South Platte River Road.

After meandering by the river, the riders would end up heading north on CO126, transiting through Sphinx Park and by the Bucksnort Saloon.  From there it is twisty narrow roads all the way back to US285 and a short hop westward to Pine Junction and a lunch at the Crossroads Cafe.  For reasons unknown to me, the cafe only had one person working as wait staff.  Our little group of riders basically overwhelmed the place and one of our riders, Kelly, took on the job of waiter for our group!

Kelly, in the red shirt, steps in as waiter for the SBR group.

I left about 20 minutes ahead of the group, wanting to get some time to position myself for the last video capture of the day and to take pictures of Valencia.

 The SBR Contingent

Valencia on CO126

The return route would take us back along South Platte River road, up Foxton Road and through a rural neighborhood.  We would eventually surface on Pleasant Park road which we would take to where it becomes High Grade Road.  It was downhill twists and turns back to Deer Creek Canyon road and to the location where we'd started riding in the morning.

Everyone made it back, no one broke down and fun was had by all, a successful ride to be sure.

As folks bade each other goodbye, I took my own leave and rode home via the C470 Super Slab.  Quite a different experience, riding with a group of Vintage bikes of small engine displacements.  For once, Valencia was one of the faster motorcycles!  A novel experience for both of us.

Here's a link to last year's SBR: LINK.


BMW HACKER said...

Nice post, thanks.
I've been a firm believer in the "tiddler" sect.
I wish I would have been able to keep my old "Super 90" and the "HS-1 90" which were the last "tiddlers" I owned. I see more in my future!

SonjaM said...

How did it feel, Dom to be the one with the mighty powerful bike?

Nice that this event included scooters in the small bike category and not just 'real' motorcycles.

The 125cc Moto Guzzi was a beauty. I wasn't aware that this brand made bikes with such small engine displacement.

Thanks, as always for sharing. I hope the group will continue to grow and have many more events to come.

Unknown said...

I wish I knew of more of these events. There is just something about the look of an old motorcycle that speaks to me.

redlegsrides said...

Tiddler eh? Never heard the term before....the 90 was struggling up some of the hills. Thanks for commenting

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, I believe this is first year scooters showed up or were included. The Vespa riders exhibited good form on the turns.

redlegsrides said...

Hi Robert, if you're Colorado based, try my byline on, if another state, try anyways, most states should have their own motorcycle examiner?

Lucky said...

What fun. I love low cc bikes. Most of us can't push the limits of a 1000cc sportbike. We can, however, push the limits of a 200cc bike.

I recall going riding with a group of low cc bikes once. They (playfully) mocked me for having a radiator.

I found they were somewhat challenging to keep up with on city streets, actually, because they didn't ever have to slow down...

shutterbug said...

Dom, pics were awesome and loved the video (thanks for taking the time to do that)! Awesome day in the twisties!! Look forward to next year.

redlegsrides said...

Lucky thanks for the comments, only thing in that motor class that I've ridden is Martha's 125cc scooter....perhaps I should ride that next year, but we'll see.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Amy for the kind words, it was good to ride with you that day.

monica said...

Thank you Dom! Appreciate you being there, and riding with us - we had a blast and such a beautiful fall day.